House decides to grant functional apartment Eduardo Cunha

Cunha resigned as chairman of the House on the last day 7 July and, since then, lost the right to use the official residence.
21/07/2016 13h05 - Updated 21/07/2016 13h05
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Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), should leave in the coming days the official residence of the President of the House, in South Lake, to move to occupy a functional apartment in Brasilia. The act of the Director of the House to table this forecast was prepared on Thursday (21), according to the 1st secretary of the House, Deputy Beto Mansur (PRB-SP).

Cunha resigned as chairman of the House on the last day 7 July and, since then, lost the right to use the official residence and perks like aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force and security personnel. By the rules of the House, Members are term until 6 August to vacate the property. Cunha came in contact with the Chamber of the General Board on Friday (15), one day after his successor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), elected in office, and requested the functional apartment.

second Mansur, the act of the Board – prepared today – replaces another, published in 13 May, which enabled the wedge stay at the official residence, while he was away from the office and the presidency of the Chamber by decision of the Supreme Court (STF). At the time, this act was inspired by the rules that the Senate has set for President Dilma Rousseff, after being removed because of the impeachment process.

The House rules, benefits such as housing assistance or functional apartment are granted to parliamentarians who are in full exercise of the mandate. Asked whether Cunha is already being privileged you are away, Mansur said no. "He [Cunha] It is away limine. There was no specific determination by the Supreme in that way he would be away "justified.

The mayor, Rodrigo Maia ( DEM-RJ), also considered correct the act granting functional apartment to a deputy away. "He [Cunha] It has a mandate , as he is deputy resolution is correct ", he said.

Maia added that the Chamber can edit an act possible future cases disciplining, but admitted that it is necessary to assess calmly whether it is for the House specifically regulate the matter. The idea is to produce an act of the Board which may involve any Member, that is possibly away at the outset so that it can have the conditions and prerogatives of its mandate.

Proponents of this standard say that this is a way to preserve the House in an eventuality that may occur. No doubt about, for example, if you can call an alternate during the preliminary removal wedge or not.


Even after the suspension of the mandate by the Supreme Court on 5 of May, for obstructing the investigations of Operation Lava Jato, Eduardo Cunha continues with some benefits like salary of $ 33,7 mil e R$ 92 thousand Cabinet budget to cover parliamentary assistance.

some perks, However, They were cut as so-called “fuzz”, a sum used by Members to cover the expenses in the exercise of parliamentary activity, how to keep political office in the home state and pay for airline tickets.

The value of this amount depends on the parliamentary home state because it takes into account the price of airline tickets from Brasilia to the state capital by which they were elected. In the case of Rio de Janeiro, It is about R $ 35,7 thousand a month.

Source: Agency Brazil

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