House rejects the government's urgency to renegotiate the debt of states

The difference was only four votes. the proposal, the states were able to lengthen the debt 20 years.
07/07/2016 07h27 - Updated 7/07/2016 16h23
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For a difference of only four helpful, failed attempt of the interim government of President Michel Temer to approve yesterday, day 6, the urgency for the bill (PLP 257) which deals with the renegotiation of debts of the state and the Federal District. The urgency needed 257 votes to be approved, but got 253.

The urgency of the project was considered essential by the government, who traded their approval since the beginning of the week. The intention was to try to vote on the merits of the matter soon after. both, the government has to withdraw on Wednesday the constitutional urgency of five projects submitted by President Dilma Rousseff away, including three so-called package of anti-corruption, that locked the agenda.

Under the proposal agreed with the government, the states were able to lengthen the debt 20 years, reducing the amount of the installments. The states and the Federal District will have a grace period of six months in installments until December.

From January, benefits will have discounts, which will be gradually reduced until July 2018. The government put conditions to accept the renegotiation, including reforming the legal systems of servers.

In an attempt to advance, the government has to promote a meeting of opposition leaders with the proposal of the rapporteur, Mr Spyridon Amim (PP-SC), to try to reach a settlement on divergent, but there was no agreement.

The main point of controversy is the counterpart required states to join the new refinancing, or what, for the opposition, would create the possibility of the servers withdrawal of rights in social security and statutory issues.

"If the items that harm the servers are not removed, there will be no agreement to vote ", said the leader of the PT, Afonso Florence (BA)

Minority Leader, Mrs Jandira Feghali (PcdoB-RJ) He accused the government of trying to enter the bill points processed by the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC 241/16), os limiting public expenditure.

"The counterparts put the states are absolutely unacceptable. You pass the rule homogeneously on all states, prevents autonomous relationship of governors on their workers and also establishes what is in PEC 241, already putting the Law, without going through the qualified quorum that requires a PEC, the ceiling of expenditure for inflation. This is the end of public health and education policies in the states ", he added Jandira.

New round of negotiations with deputies contrary to the text and the rapporteur should take place on Tuesday (12).

The measure has also been criticized by opposition members and the allied base. Mr Daniel Vilela (PMDB-GO) He said the move would only serve to make life easier for current rulers. "This project, actually, does not save the states, but only the current governors. This debt will be for the future, because someone will pay. "

MEPs also criticized the lack of access to the changes promoted by Amim and that would harm the state employees. "I want to discuss the pre-text and that can not happen only after voting the urgency", He informed the Deputy Arnaldo Faria de Sá (PTB-SP).

"I can not accept the proposed increase in social security contribution 11% to 14% ". This only affect servers. It is the failure of the state public service ", said Faria de Sá.

government leader, André Moura (PSC-SE) He downplayed defeat. According to him, some members were in doubt regarding the text and, that is why, They voted against the urgency. "Some Northeast governors feel that the project does not meet what they want and some lawmakers who accompany the governors voted against", he added Moura.

Moura said that the Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, You should meet with Northeastern governors on Thursday (7), to try to find a solution to the problem. Only after the meeting that the government will decide whether to try to vote the urgency again next week or will wait for the return of the parliamentary recess.

Source: Agency Brazil

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