Campaign with educational actions against fires is carried to the interior of Amazonas

The goal is to raise awareness about the risks of fires, consequences to human health and negative environmental impacts.
20/07/2016 18h07 - Updated 20/07/2016 18h07
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With the arrival of the dry season in the Amazon region, the risk of fire becomes greater, bringing a lot of damage to the environment and people's health. That is why, the Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam), through Environmental Education Management, carry out educational activities through the campaign "You are also responsible - Say no to fire", period not 25 a 30 July, in the municipalities of Urucurituba (25 e 26/07), Itacoatiara (27 e 28) and Rio Preto da Eva (29 e 30), in partnership with the municipal Environment, Development Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Sustainable Amazonas State (Execution) and municipal education.

In the three municipalities, the activities will be carried out in the urban area; in rural Urucurituba will be the community Itapeaçu; Itacoatiara in the rural community will be the New Vila Remanso; and Rio Preto da Eva rural community will be the Iporá settlement project.

The goal is to raise awareness about the risks of fires, consequences to human health and negative environmental impacts. There will be lectures in urban and rural areas with community leaders, teachers, students and representatives of public and private institutions, with distribution of educational material. In this ocasion, posters will be posted at fairs, business ventures, schools, governmental and non-governmental. The goal is to make the largest number of people to be made aware through campaigns, as students, parents, family farmers, ranchers medium and large.

The action of fighting fires in the Amazon has been accompanied by various organs, as Ipaam, Secretary of State for the Environment (Schema), Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas), Civil defense, Fire Department and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF).
Oversight – This year, other municipalities will receive environmental awareness actions Ipaam, also answer calls by the Inspection Management, mainly in the municipalities of the metropolitan region of Manaus and Southern Amazonas.

The contact for the complaint is the Ipaam (92) 2123-6715 (only interior and statewide areas). The Semmas serves called the urban area of ​​Manaus by the number:0800-092-2000. The Fire Department also goes by 193.

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