Campaign encourages people to fight human trafficking

Between 2011 e 2014, the Federal Police registered about 20 cases related to human trafficking in the Amazon.
29/07/2016 07h19 - Updated 29/07/2016 10h11
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The Government of Amazonas, through the Department of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), has implemented actions of the State Plan to Combat Human Trafficking in the state to inhibit this criminal practice that negates dreams and the lives of many people. Between 2011 e 2014, the Federal Police registered about 20 cases related to human trafficking in the Amazon, mostly related to sexual exploitation. To call attention to the problem of the population and encourage to make complaints, Sejusc held this Thursday, 29 July, the landing area of ​​the Eduardo Gomes International Airport, an exhibition on the mats with the theme box on crime.

The action is part of the "State Campaign to Combat Trafficking in Persons – Blue Heart", which continues on Friday (29) awareness-raising activities about the main characteristics that indicate the crime and where to seek help. The Amazon already figured in national surveys as a trafficking route to countries such as Suriname, Venezuela and Switzerland. As the executive secretary of Public Policies for Women of Sejusc, keyth Bentes, They are currently being developed goals with partners that make up the State Committee to Combat Human Trafficking.

"We are running preventive actions in schools, in Health and Human Rights, but we want people to report will fight this crime that exists in three types, that is trafficking for slave labor, removal of organs and sexual exploitation. And we're starting these actions in schools and bringing spaces where larger flows of people occur ".

procedure in law

The work of confronting trafficking is coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Citizenship (MJC). According MJC data, Brazil is a country of both origin and crossing and final destination of trafficked persons. While there is no specific law to punish this criminal practice, there is the National Congress to legalize the execution of this punishment.

"There is a bill before Congress, and we believe that will be voted this year to give more effectiveness in the policy of punishment of people who practice this crime. Due to the absence of such law, we make an analogy to other existing crimes in the penal code ", said the National Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Persons, Renata Braz.

Lighting – The programming of the campaign will end on Saturday (30), with lighting, in blue, several symbolic buildings of Manaus, including the Teatro Amazonas, the Legislative Assembly (hazard), the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB), the Amazon Court (TJ/AM) and Sejusc.

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