Candidates are launched to Labrea Prefecture by Eduardo Braga ahead of time, contrary to law

in Lábrea, caucuses PMDB for choice of candidates will only happen on 30 July.
12/07/2016 17h01 - Updated 13/07/2016 06h03
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No last Saturday(9), Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB), He decided during the delivery of electricity generating engines in the municipality of Lábrea (distant 702.6 km from Manaus), go over the conventions for choosing the candidates for mayors, that has not happened in the Amazon, and launched the PMDB Gean Barros and Mabi Canízio the head of the majority plate PMDB to Labrea Prefecture in elections 2016.

The next day 20 July to 5 of August, It is that parties are allowed, according to the law, to promote the conventions to choose the candidates who will contest the mayor positions, Deputy Mayor and Alderman. In the municipality of Lábrea, caucuses PMDB for choice of candidates is scheduled to take place on 30 July.

According to residents of the city, who were there, In order to Braga was trying to bury the administration of the current mayor Evaldo Gomes (PMDB), being frowned upon and rated as one of managements priors Labrea, and release candidates Gean Barros and Mabi Canízio as homeland saviors.

Braga attended the event as if it were still the Mines and Energy Minister. He visited the facilities of Eletrobrás and kicked off the generators, which he, They are new and within the conforming.

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