Candidacy for re-election Artur Neto will be announced on Monday (18)

The information was confirmed by the regional president of the PSDB, Mario Barros.
16/07/2016 13h05 - Updated 18/07/2016 17h05
Photo: Arlesson Sicsú

On Saturday morning (16) during a meeting with presidential candidates of Acronym PSDB, held in the auditorium of the Hotel Taj Mahal, Manaus center, the regional president of the PSDB, Mario Barros, reported that the mayor of Manaus Artur Neto (PSDB) will announce next week his candidacy for re-election to the City of Manaus and that this is the party's desire.

According to Mario, the party will be an event on the afternoon of Monday(18) where the announcement will be made. "Let's make a big event with the presence of the mayor, where we will ask him a definition. The PSDB has a project for the city and want to continue it. We know that much has been done and you can do even more ", he said.

According to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), caucuses for the choice of candidates by the parties and the decision on coalitions must occur between 20 July and 5 August and according to the president of Acronym PSDB should leave for the deadline of the electoral calendar holding the caucus. "Our convention is scheduled for the deadline, 5 of August. We know that the PSDB carries tradition of hitting the hammer in the final moments ", said Barros.

Asked about who will be the right-hand Artur Neto in the composition of the plate and the possibility of being the president of the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM), Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), the president said: "There is no indication of indication of a vice, until now. This is certainly a strong name that emerged from the negotiations, but there is still nothing definite. The tradition of the PSDB, when things are neither simple nor easy to define, We hit the hammer on the last day. We have already started conventions without knowing who would be the vice. We have no definition. There are no names and speculation. And everything that is said will be speculation ", concluded.

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