Cardozo will use opinion of the MPF in the defense of Dilma

The opinion on credit operation on the Harvest Plan, that for the MPF no delay transfers.
15/07/2016 10h16 - Updated 15/07/2016 15h53
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The lawyer rejected President Rousseff in the impeachment process, José Eduardo Cardozo, He said last night, day 14, that the understanding of the Federal Public Ministry in the Federal District (MPF/DF) that there was no credit operation in late Union fund transfers to the Bank of Brazil to finance the Harvest Plan 2015 It is "devastating" to the impeachment of the thesis. The delay was one of the arguments that motivated the request for withdrawal of the President.

Cardozo said the Agency Brazil that will join the opinion, prepared by the prosecutor Ivan Marx, to the closing arguments of the defense to be delivered to suing Commission of the Senate Impeachment.

"This position is demolishing the charge in the impeachment process. The expertise in the case of cycling had already said that does not act [Dilma Rousseff]. So, It has no act of President of the Republic. there legality, second part of the prosecution, and admittedly there is no guile when a part of the Public Ministry acknowledges that there was no bad faith ", said Cardozo.

"From the point of view of the prosecution's claim, if it was difficult to say that crime has responsibility in cycling, by the expertise that showed that there was no act of President, the idea that it was obvious that was credit operation, It has just been demolished ", completed.

In closing arguments, which will be delivered on 27, the defense also include the speech of Senator Rose Freitas (PMDB-ES), current government leader in Congress, that Rousseff did not commit tax pedaling.

"Let us join this decision [do MPF/DF], we will also present the government leader's statements, Rose de Freitas, saying that studied the rides and saw that there was nothing and that Dilma was not removed because of it and show the very position of the Federal Public Ministry saying it has no credit operation. This was the center of their charge [authors of the impeachment], that falls to the ground. "

While recognizing that the judgment in the Impeachment Commission has a more political component than legal, Cardozo said trust in the complaint filing possibility.

"I believe that even those who politically advocate the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, on the situation that happens every day, They will be very constrained. Anyone who has a bit of concern for consistency, to demonstrate that acts fairly, It will be very embarrassed. It will be embarrassing to say that there is crime in this case. "

Source: Agency Brazil

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