Lowland Careiro receives project Procon Itinerant on Friday, day 8.

The team will meet in the town hall of the municipality.
06/07/2016 11h54 - Updated 6/07/2016 11h54
Photo: Divulgação/Procon-Am

The Government of Amazonas, through the Executive Secretariat of Protection and Guidance Consumer - Procon Amazon, held on Friday (8), the project "Procon Itinerant" to the Lowland Careiro municipality, in the metropolitan region of Manaus. The staff of the State Procon will meet consumer municipality in the Municipality of Careiro Lowland, located in the city center, clockwise from 9h to 13h. This is another action of Procon Amazon in order to take citizenship and consumerist right to citizens of the state.

The Procon Itinerant started the schedule care for residents of the municipalities in the metropolitan region of Manaus in May 2016 in the municipality of Iranduba, having already passed through the towns of Manacapuru and Novo Airão, totalizing 41 visits. In addition to taking questions, the consumer receives legal advice and can formalize complaints concerning products and services.

It is important for consumers to go look for Procon Itinerant is provided with your personal documents ( RG, CPF and proof of residence), as well as documents proving the consumer relationship that will target your question or complaint.

After Lowland Careiro municipality , the Itinerant Procon will go to Rio Preto da Eva next day 22 July.

Procon Amazon phones: (92) 3215-4010 e 0800 092 1512

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