CCJ receives opinion on Cunha feature; Rapporteur of the vote will be announced tomorrow

The application seeks the annulment of the conduct of the deputy impeachment process in the House Ethics Council.
05/07/2016 11h21 - Updated 5/07/2016 11h21
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The opinion of Eduardo Cunha feature (PMDB-RJ) which seeks annulment of the proceedings of his impeachment process in the Ethics Council of the Chamber was delivered on Tuesday (5), the Commission of Constitution and Justice (CCJ). The case of the rapporteur, Mr Ronaldo Fonseca (PROS-DF), He delivered his opinion to the president of the CCJ, deputy Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), but its final vote will only be known tomorrow (6).

“My vote is sealed by the complexity of the vote, the feature size that had to analyze and the importance of the matter. I would not like my vote was analyzed by the cold letter. I want, reading tomorrow, add my comments so there is no doubt about the impartiality of the opinion”, Fonseca said he left the room presidency of the CCJ.

The text will be read and discussed in a session that has been scheduled for 10 am Wednesday (6). To be approved, the opinion of Fonseca will need the votes of a majority of 66 committee members. If the CCJ decide that Cunha has reason to point out problems during the proceedings, the decision may result in the reopening of the case on the advice, no last day 14, Cunha approved the mandate of cassation by 11 votes to nine.

According to Fonseca advisors, the points most demanded the rapporteur's attention were those who question the possible addition of information on bribe-taking in the representation; what comes to the vote has been rated and pointing Marcos Rogerio could not have continued as if the rapporteur, after changing party with the party window.

Tomorrow, after reading the opinion, Cunha lawyer, Marcelo Nobre, or PMDB may manifest itself. Having request of view, this event can only occur next week, according to the president's choice away from home. The text will then be debated by parliament and then the rapporteur will have more 20 minutes of replica and other defense 20 minute rejoinder before the vote.

Cunha lawyer has been notified yesterday to attend the session tomorrow. Serraglio said earlier that the reading will be completed in the fourth even need to call another special session to the end of the day or night.


Despite the agreed schedule, two factors must drag the decision forward. The expectation is that, during the session of the CCJ tomorrow, parliamentarians ask view to better analyze the text and Fonseca, like this, the vote that can define wedge the future should only occur next week.

The deadline for view, according to the Internal Rules is two working days. The president of the CCJ, deputy Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), He admitted that the completion of the process should only take place the next day 12. If this is confirmed, he shall send the decision to the House Steering Committee the next day and, in 48 hours, the case against Cunha has to be included on the agenda, locking all other planned polls.

Another threat comes from the possibility of parliamentary recess the first half confirm, interrupting the votes in the House. This would push the decision on the future of Cunha for August. But, Serraglio understands that cases like the president away from home can be resolved during this period, If the necessary quorum is reached - 257 Members present – to vote.

Fonseca had won extra time after claiming he needed to analyze all Cunha defense arguments. Yesterday, Serraglio also ensured a few more hours to the rapporteur, but determined the time limit - 10 am on Tuesday - to respect the advance 24 hours to publish the document and send a copy to the principal.


Cunha is accused of having lied to the ICC when Petrobras, in March last year, denied having accounts abroad. Documents of the prosecution in Switzerland sent to Brazil, However, They pointed to the existence of accounts linked to it in that country.

The complaint against Cunha was presented in October by the PSOL and the Sustainability Network. During the more than eight months of the procedure before, Cunha admitted only be beneficiary of trust - third-party asset managers.

Source: Agency Brazil

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