Money and mobile phones are found in cell where Adail Pinheiro stuck in Manaus

Beyond, Mayor away from Iranduba also be with mobile.
01/07/2016 18h29 - Updated 2/07/2016 11h37
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three mobile, a charger, and R $ 100 They were seized on Thursday (30) for magazine in the cell where the former mayor of Coari, Adail Pinheiro, You are stuck in Manaus on suspicion of running a pedophile ring in the Amazon.

Adail Pinheiro is trapped in the police command Specialized (CPE), In Manaus, from o dia 8 February 2014.

Besides Adail, the mayor away from Iranduba, Xinaik Medeiros, held in the same battalion, also would be with cellular. Xinaik is suspected of irregularities in tenders and diversion scheme of public funds in Iranduba.

According to the delegate Paul Benelli, 10th District Integrated Police (DIP), two phones were with Adail and the third device was found with the mayor away from Iranduba, Xinaik Medeiros.

Besides the two, the mayor of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, Mariolino Siqueira de Oliveira, It is also held in place. It should be subpoenaed to provide clarification later.

When asked about the objects, Adail and Xinaik denied the police possession of mobile phones. However, second or delegate, a police officer who made the magazine said the prisoners themselves handed the cell to it.

The seized objects will be sent to Executions Criminal Court for punitive measures to be applied to suspects.

Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

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