Cepa points accessibility failures Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue of the work of revitalization, In Manaus

The company that performed the work did not meet the mobility standards that facilitate the access of people with disabilities.
25/07/2016 18h23 - Updated 26/07/2016 07h58
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The Special Committee on Public Policy Accessibility (Cepa) Legislative Assembly, chaired by deputy Luiz Castro (Network), delivered on Monday (25) the architect Laurent Troost, the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb), the technical inspection report on the accessibility conditions at Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro, main route from Manaus Historical Center, passing being redeveloped.

According to the coordinator of Cepa, Ronaldo André Brazil, the report was based on the Federal Decree No. Accessibility 5.296 and the Technical Standard No. 9.050, that set the accessibility parameters, public works. The company that performed the work, second Brazil, It did not observe the rules of movement to facilitate the access of people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Among the shortcomings identified in the survey of the day 12 July, the strain points the ramps with tilt out of level, which makes the wheelchair access; the absence of traffic lights sonorized; and the absence of signposts. There is also no parking spaces for the elderly and for people with disabilities.

During the survey, the wheelchair of the Cepa coordinator, not resist two blocks and eventually damaged, a clear demonstration of locomotion difficulties in the "new" Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue, who received the cobblestones that made the track original floor, while the sidewalks won São Tomé kind of stones.

The urban planning director Implurb, Laurent Troost, He received the report and pledged to study the adjustments recommended by Cepa, to the company responsible for the work meets accessibility legislation.

Laurent Troost acknowledged that the work of the project did not observe the legal aspect of accessibility, and accepted the term 30 days proposed by the strain, to have done the planning with the necessary adjustments, since the company that performed the work should leave Manaus in the next 40 days.

For the coach of Cepa, Isaac Cohen dialogue with Implurb is positive, in the sense that the measures will be taken to rectify the shortcomings and facilitate the mobility of the elderly and people with disabilities, at Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro.

Public managers, second Isac Cohen, They need to be aware of the accessibility policy, to ensure the efficiency of public works, with easy access to all segments of the population.

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