China sentences official military high life imprisonment in bribery case

The military has abused his position and accepted bribes “giant”.
25/07/2016 13h53 - Updated 25/07/2016 13h53
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A military court in China arrested, in this Monday (25) a former military high-ranking official for corruption, removing him his title of general and confiscating their property. The sentence is life imprisonment.

Guo Boxiong, 74, He was the vice chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission to leave the post in 2012. Last year, the government said it would sue for bribery, one of the initiatives of President Xi Jinping against corruption in the military.

The Xinhua news agency reported that all “money and illicit materials” Guo were confiscated by the State.

The case was conducted behind closed doors, already involving military secrets, the agency said. Guo admitted crimes, He expressed regret and will not appeal the decision.

The military has abused his position and accepted bribes “giant”, on their own and by collusion with others, according to Xinhua.

On the website of the Ministry of Defense, a comment saying that the fight against the bribery “It is of life and death” for the military.

The son of Guo, Guo Zhenggang, It was also investigated last year.

News agencies failed to locate the military to review the sentence.

The event takes place after the Xu Caihou, who was also vice president of the Central Military Commission at the same time that Guo, and he died of cancer last year.

Before retirement, both were considered some of the greatest military officers who served under President Hu Jintao.

The current president, Xi Jinping, also it served the same function as the two military, in the same period, to be promoted to head of the party and the military commission.

Sources told Reuters that Guo has cancer and that the military court considered whether to take him to trial, if he died before sentencing, como Xu.

Reserve officers and active have said that bribery problem in the military is so common that could minimize the chances of China face a war. The issue is a high priority for the Chinese president.

Attempting to end corruption takes place during territorial disputes in the seas of southern China and eastern, although the country does not face a war in decades.

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