CMM analyzes creation of 'Healthy Aging Program'

The program aims to encourage regular physical exercise among the elderly.
14/07/2016 07h11 - Updated 14/07/2016 07h11
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The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) It is analyzing the proposed indication of the project to the Executive creating a social program called "Manauara Academy of Health and Healthy Aging", which aims to encourage regular physical exercise among the elderly, improving the quality of life and thereby preventing diseases that specific public.

The project author is the councilman Everaldo Farias (PV), who presented the statement at the beginning of May and is awaiting the approval of the proposal by the Director of the Legislative House Bureau later to be sent to the evaluation of the mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB).

"With the start of the plenary work in the second half we expect the review and approval of our proposal, which is the result of conversations with gerontology professionals. The program should not be seen as an expense but as an important investment in the health sector as it is proven that the practice of exercise helps prevent various diseases, mainly, in old age ", scored the author of the statement.

Parliamentary highlights, still, the promotion of physical and mental health is able to raise the self-esteem of older people in the capital of Amazonas. He defends the proposal also remembering the numbers that point in recent years, increasing elderly population.


The project lists the main actions that the program should cover, if you receive the membership of the city, as: awareness of the importance of regular physical exercise for the elderly, to improve the quality of life and prevention of diseases and non-communicable diseases (DANTs).

In addition to the preparation and distribution of informative material about the importance of physical activity and sport in the elderly; physical activities, duly assisted by trained professionals; measures to promote physical and psychological well-being, facilitation for the elderly living with family and friends; humanization promotion of medical-hospital and outpatient care and means to alert the public about the ill-treatment of the elderly.

Also according to the indication, the program should be implemented in different regions of Manaus as a way to democratize access to older people from different neighborhoods to its activities. "I hope that our proposal is approved by the Board and implemented by the City. Our purpose is to add to the actions already made possible by the Government ", concluded Everaldo.

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