Jair Bolsonaro, “Panic” hits record live hits on YouTube

During a interview, the live broadcast by the channel reached 30 thousand simultaneous viewers.
10/07/2016 12h11 - Updated 11/07/2016 07h57
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On Friday (8), O “Panic in Radio”, aired by Radio Jovem Pan FM, received Congressman and alleged candidate for the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro.

In the interview, Bolsonaro said to be more ready to be president of Lula and Dilma were. “I'm in the same room, Lula and Dilma. Applies to test ENEM. If I do not have a higher score than they, so I'm not prepared”, chin.

The congressman also defended the years of military dictatorship, even with clear evidence of deaths from torture and practices wrong period on both sides of politics: “At that time there were great debaters. O period 64 It was wrong painted by PT. Who has doubt, ask for grandpa. And see how Brazil was at that time and compare it with today”.

Asked by Marina Mantega on old statements, Bolsonaro reaffirmed one of his most controversial phrases – "The error of the dictatorship was torturing and killing not” – and revealed he does not regret the things you say.

Often involved in polemics about homophobia, the parliament was keen to emphasize that it has no problem with that. Only advocates sex education in the home.

Although this is the speech, he chose not to answer about their treatment would be if he had a gay son, even it is quite tight by members.

At the end of the program, O “Panic” He had to celebrate. During a interview, the live broadcast of the YouTube channel reached 30 thousand simultaneous viewers, a record for the attraction in this platform.

Just to have an idea, when Gregory Duviver and Marco Feliciano discussed, last week, eight thousand people watched live on the internet.

O “Panic in Radio” airs the Jovem Pan Monday through Friday, from noon, throughout Brazil.

Source: natelinha.uol.com.br

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