With financial health and bills on time, Amazon gives an example for the country

From January to June, the state government has injected approximately R $ 5 billion in the local economy.
03/07/2016 14h18 - Updated 4/07/2016 11h27
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Financial statement released by the Ministry of Finance (Sefaz-AM), shows that, from January to June 2016, the Government of Amazonas injected approximately R $ 5 billion in the local economy. Of this total, R$ 818 million only in June. The figures treat the state treasury source only and do not include expenses from constitutional transfers made via funds, example of Fundeb (Education Development Fund Basic), among others.

Only for payroll and social charges, the state disbursed in the semester R $ 2,4 billion; for maintenance, It was R $ 1,3 billion; R$ 555,3 million were transferred to the powers; R$ 337 million to pay public debt, and R $ 227,3 million was for investments.

For the State Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo, the numbers show the fiscal balance and the financial health of the State, one of which had more drop in revenues due to the national crisis situation. Still he said, reinforce the Amazon, different from most states of the federation, It has managed to meet its obligations to the payroll of servers and providers, which has guaranteed the maintenance of essential services and to investments.

"It's money that irrigated the economy at a crucial time. The State of Amazonas is the largest employer, the biggest buyer and the largest borrower services. So, this is important because, in that accomplishes these disbursements, It allows the wheel to maintain the economy, in addition to ensuring the functioning of public administration and essential services to the population ", notes.

According to Wolf, this has only been possible, the decision of the Governor Jose Melo to anticipate the effects of national crisis and make the necessary reforms to reduce the cost of the administrative machine and adjust the accounts. "Having done his homework, Amazon is now the State has, proportionally, the best fiscal situation in Brazil, despite being the victim of a national environment that promoted a major slowdown in economic activity. Between the federal units, We were the state that suffered the biggest decline of activity and, therefore, the largest decrease of revenue ", strengthened the Finance Secretary.

Low in the collection

In terms of storage, the first half of the numbers show decline. Accumulated in the six months to fall in state revenues was 6,75% compared to the same period of 2015. They were R $ 3,8 billion in 2016 against R $ 4,1 billion, last year. R $ 612 millions, June was the month's worst performance in the year, worse also compared the last three years: R$ 642,5 millions, in 2015, R$ 689,1 millions, in 2014 and R $ 648,9 millions, in 2013.

Even so, in terms of financial health, the balance is positive for the economic area of ​​the State. "The collection was affected by the national situation, but, for doing homework, from the start of administration, to have anticipated the reforms and adopted measures that might give today a comfort of being the state with the best tax situation, Amazon has been able to honor its commitments and stand out among the rest ", emphasizes Afonso Lobo.

The secretary pointed out that the national recognition is, to remember that, according to economic consultant Raul Velloso, one of the most renowned economists of the country, in an interview with TV program Wheel of Life Culture, on Monday (26/06), the governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, as well as the governors of the Holy Spirit, Paulo Hartung; Rondonia, Confucius Moura, and Amapá, Camilo Capiberibe, You should receive a recognition award from the National Treasury for having managed to keep public finances in balance, before the crisis scenario.

Second best half - According to Afonso Lobo, forecasts are that the economy has a slight recovery in the second half. "By the numbers we have in Sefaz, from July, there will be a slight recovery of revenues. This is because companies have already started to receive some requests for the production of the second half. There is a very seasonal recipe, always in the first half is less. But this was much lower than the historical average. We are with storage pattern 2010, with cost 2016. From the second half, there will be a slight recovery ", predicted.

13º moves the economy

The guarantee of the State Government in advance of the first part of the 13th salary of state employees now in July is one of the components that should enhance the sense of recovery of the local economy. They will be paid 30% the first installment, or corresponding to R $ 85 million that will be added to the R $ 280 million approximate monthly payroll. The 20% remaining will be paid in September and the other half of the 13th until December. "The 13th will produce an income effect on activity and will give a forcinha in the economy", completed.

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