Trade celebrates anticipation of the tenth by the Government of Amazonas

The injection into the economy of R $ 92 million animated sectors of trade.
20/07/2016 17h45 - Updated 20/07/2016 17h45
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The Amazonas government confirmed for days 28 e 29 July near anticipation of the 13th salary of public employees. The injection into the economy of R $ 92 million related to the anticipation of 30% the value of the 13th salary, added to the R $ 307 million monthly payroll of nearly 80 thousand servers encouraged sectors of trade, already beginning to envision a recovery in the economy for the second half. The rest of the tenth will be paid in two installments other: 20% in September and 50% in December.

According to the president of the Chamber of Shopkeepers of Manaus (CDL-Manaus), Ralph Assayag, the tenth part of anticipation will impact positively on sales, mainly due to consumer credit recovery. "We know that people often use to 60% the anticipation of the 13th salary to pay off the debts incurred in the first half. But, at least when they pay, many of them with default, again have credit and, therefore, return to buy ", said the head.

Assayag also noted that, without the common first half accounts, as those relating to school, credit card, tax payment, among others, the anticipation of the tenth can influence the purchase intention in the second half.

As president of the CDL-Manaus, the fact that the Government of Amazonas be adding the tenth, while other states still find it difficult to pay salaries, It gives some relief to the sectors of the economy in the Amazon. "It's very good to hear. Mainly because we are seeing the other Member, who are not having the same performance, delaying wages which greatly hinders trade. Therefore, is an inspiration, a relief to know that the Government of the Amazon is being able to honor with this and other commitments ", disse Assayag.

The State Secretary of Administration and Management (Sead), Evandro Melo, He said the anticipation of the 13th salary will be especially sheet. no day 28 receive the servers group 1, 2 e 3 (retirees, pensioners, police and education) IS in the day 29, the other server groups 4, 5 e 6.

"If we add to the previous salary of servers, which is also being paid at the end of the month, They are almost R $ 400 million entering at once, an important resource for the state's economy, which helps to reduce bad debt and invigorates the purchasing power, improving the economic environment ", notes Evandro Melo.

divided anticipation
The secretary of the Amazon Farm (Sefaz-AM), Afonso Wolf Moraes, He highlighted the efforts being made by the State to ensure day salary payments and the anticipation of the 13th salary, as well as commitments to suppliers and creditors. "Initially, with the current drop in revenues frame, meaning more clearly from 2015, we come to consider the possibility of not even anticipate the thirteenth in July, as we do every year, but an effort of the economic team, and with a firm command of the governor Jose Melo, decided to anticipate at least 30% now. Others 20% the benefit will be paid in September and 50% remaining in December ", says Secretary.

The Secretary of Finance recalled that deductions for income tax and Amazonprev only occur in the final installment of the tenth, that is, of 50% in December.

pro effort recipe
Despite the revenue drop in the first half, almost 7% in the first half of 2015 (reduction of R $ 4,1 billion to R $ 3,8 billion in the period analyzed), Government actions have mitigated the loss of income. In this effort, especially the fight against tax evasion, awareness of the importance of requiring the invoice to the campaign Invoice Amazonense, recovery of outstanding debt and escrow deposits related to ICMS debts.

Parallel to this work to improve own revenue, the state has also sought funding from the Federal Government and the international institutions for investments in infrastructure and thus revive the state economy, with the generation of employment and income. Among the Brazilian States, Amazon is having one of the lowest percentages of debt relative to their income.

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