Impeachment Committee hears responsible for expertise in documents

The documents are those delivered by defense away President.
05/07/2016 08h30 - Updated 5/07/2016 15h24
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The Committee on Impeachment hearing today (5), experts responsible for expertise made in the documents submitted by defense. Defense and prosecution assistants who analyzed the report will also be heard.

The indictment workers argue that there was credit operation in the delay the transfer of funds of public banks for the payment of the Harvest Plan.

Already assistants defense presented no disagreements regarding the report of the experts. They stressed that the document confirms the thesis already presented by Dilma lawyer, José Eduardo Cardozo, that there was no intent by the president away.

Tomorrow (6), Rousseff is expected to be heard in committee. It should not appear in person. The forecast is to be represented by lawyer.

Yesterday, President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, denied request to include whistleblower testimonies awarded the former senator and former president of Transpetro Sergio Machado in the process.

The defense claimed that the recordings showed that the intention of impeachment is to paralyze the investigations of Operation Lava Jato.

according to Lewandowski, the complaint of responsibility for crime must stick to the initial facts, which are the provision of additional credits without authorization from Congress and signed decrees in violation of the Budget Law.

In whistleblower testimony award, Sérgio Machado said he passed bribes to more than 20 politicians from several parties. Recordings show conversations between several of them on the Lava Jato.

Source: Agency Brazil

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