Italian committee hires workers to end apartments in the Village

Delegation received rooms in the building 20 with hydraulic and electrical problems.
26/07/2016 13h23 - Updated 26/07/2016 13h23
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Australians were not the only ones with problems in the Olympic Village of Rio 2016 this Sunday. The Olympic Committee of Italy also reported that the number of received building 20, for the country, with hydraulic and electrical pending. According to information “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, Italians are working on their own to finish the apartments and make them fit for the fastest possible delegation. By using the term “chaos”, the newspaper talked to Carlo Mornati, Head of Mission of Italy at the Olympics, who confessed that employees work continuously to complete all.

– I want to thank Anna Ricardi and the Italian team in these early days had to face unpredictable and heavy emergencies. I ask the athletes maximum understanding and cooperation, especially until the apartments are complete – said Mornati à Journal.

Source: G1

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