MBL-AM coordinator becomes the target of Mr Jean Wyllys

Jean filed a criminal complaint against the leader of Brazil Free Movement in the Amazon.
28/07/2016 20h13 - Updated 5/08/2016 22h28
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Former Congressman and BBB, Jean Wyllys (PSOL / RJ), known for its projects and polemical positions, She filed a criminal complaint against the leader of Brazil Free Movement in the Amazon (MBL-AM), Kleber Romao, because of a video posted by him that analyzes in detail a bill introduced by Rep proposing sex change surgery for children without requiring parental consent.

The publication yielded heated debate in the comments between the two, Jean, in turn he felt slandered, He demanded that it be deleted and threatened to sue the leader of the Free Movement Brazil and how the video was not deleted it sued.

In criminal representation, Mr claims to be victim of Kleber and that it should be framed in Articles 139 (Defamation), 140 (Slander) e 141 items II (against civil servant, because of their functions) and III (in the presence of several people, or by facilitating the dissemination of slander, defamation or libel), for being one of those responsible for a smear campaign against him and that are headed by a homophobic organization called "Steel Magnolias".

According Romao in a post of Jean Wyllys also had another strong debate, before this, between the two he was offended and not really threatened to sue the deputy but the publication was mysteriously deleted soon after. “It is curious that he put in the process only the part that interests you in the clear attempt to go through victim. But he forgets that everything is registered on Facebook, so much so that my lawyer is already preparing the request for redemption of this publication and thus prove that what I did was basically defend my honor ", Romao told.

The process goes back to the hands of the Union Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot.

About Bill

The law project 5002/13, Mr Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ) and by Mrs Erika Kokay (PT-DF), which establishes the right to gender identity - defined as the inner experience and individual gender as each person feels, which may or may not correspond to the sex assigned after birth.

The proposal requires the Health System (THEIR) and health plans to cover whole hormone treatment and sex change surgery to all major stakeholders 18 years, to which any kind of diagnosis will not be required, treatment or judicial authorization.

"The exercise of the right to gender identity may involve modification of the appearance or function of the body by pharmacological means, surgical or otherwise, provided that it is freely chosen, and other expressions of gender, including clothing, speech mode and mannerisms ", says project.

The proposal also releases the first name change for the largest 18 years, without judicial authorization. Similarly, releases the change of sex in personal documents, with or without sex change surgery. The numbers of the documents should be kept, and the original names are omitted completely.

In all three cases (hormonal treatment, surgery and change of name / sex in documents), if the person concerned is under 18 years, the application should be made by the parents or legal guardians. If they do not agree, the teenager can seek the assistance of the Public Defender for judicial authorization, by accelerated, procedure, which should take into account the principles of progressive capacity and the best interests of the person concerned.

The sex change does not alter the right to maternity or paternity. It will also be preserved marriage, if the parties want, It is possible to rectify the marriage certificate, to contain the homosexual union.

As the project, the "trans people" also have the right to adopt a different social name appearing in the identity card, no need to do the rectification of documents notarized. This name must be respected by public agencies and private companies.

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By: Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

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