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The internationally valid document allows export and temporary import of goods, tax free, for one year.
06/07/2016 07h42 - Updated 6/07/2016 14h19
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The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) It was enabled by the IRS as Guarantor Entity and Issuer of the ATA Carnet in Brazil, document ensuring trade facilitation and improving the competitiveness of Brazilian companies in international markets that will benefit, consequently, the Amazonian companies.

The document is valid internationally and allows the export and the temporary admission of goods, import tax free, for one year. It was sign a Commitment Letter between CNI and the revenue that defines the terms of the document operation, which is currently recognized in 74 countries.

For the manager of the Amazon International Centre (CIN-AM), Marcelo Lima, enabling to use the ATA Carnet means advances in the productive sector and improve competitiveness of companies amazonenses.

"This deployment is the demonstration of another CNI effort, by Fieam and International Centres across the country. The issuance of the document is guaranteed through accreditation with the IRS. The goal is to only meet the demands of the productive sector of our state and is more a means of promoting the export culture in our region ", He emphasized the manager.

What is the ATA Carnet

It is a valid customs document that allows international export and the temporary admission of goods, import tax free, for one year. Countries that recognize the document part of the 'Guarantors of ATA Carnet chain', bringing together business entities authorized by their customs to serve. The Guarantors ATA Carnet chain is managed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), based in France.

In the year of 2015, They circulated over 178 thousand booklets in the world, covering goods valued at more than US $ 30 billion. The ATA Carnet covers operations into three categories: commercial samples, professional equipment and goods for presentation or use at trade shows, shows, exhibitions and similar events.

His operation is scheduled in Istanbul Convention, internalized by the Brazilian government in Decree No. 7545/2011 and with the main focus on trade facilitation.


One of the benefits of ATA Carnet is that good can move in more than one country using the same document, covering various export promotion activities in different countries for a period of 12 months. In addition to simplifying steps of the import / temporary export process with speed and security, making the almost automatic process. The operation is supported with business entities of reference and guarantees quick and safe return of property to its country of origin.

"The ATA Carnet operating model in Brazil is based on the coordinated work of the CNI System, involving the CNI and twenty-seven Federations State Industries, through its International Business Centers. The document was issued permission will ensure greater ease in trading in our state. It is a breakthrough in the CIN-AM's commitment, which is to promote export, providing tools necessary to assist the entrepreneur Amazon.

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