Growing popular support for Lava Jato, research indicates

Survey reveals that increased the number of Brazilians who defends the research even though it may affect the economy.
06/07/2016 15h42 - Updated 7/07/2016 07h29
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A survey conducted by Ipsos and released on Wednesday, 6, reveals that 85% Brazilians support the continuity of the largest operation to combat corruption investigations in the country, Lava Jato, regardless of the impact of it in the country's economic situation. The index is six percentage points higher than that found by Ipsos in January, When 79% They responded positively to the statement. The margin of error is three percentage points.

The research is the first to identify the increase in popular support for Lava jet after the removal process of President Dilma Rousseff and with the coming to power of the government of interim president Michel Temer (PMDB) and also records the decrease in the percentage of those who believe that research, which has ramifications in several states, It would worsen the economic situation.

In June, only 39% of respondents agreed with this hypothesis, before 46% registered in January. In contrast, the total of those who disagree with the statement recorded a strong increase, jumping 38% for 48% between January and June this year.

There was also growth of those who claim to know the Lava Jato. According to the survey Ipsos, 69% of respondents in June said they know something or a lot about the investigations, before 58% registered in January. The level of those who do not know or have heard of investigations, but they know nothing about her reduced 31% in June against 42% in January.

The survey was conducted between 02 e 13 June with 1.200 face interviews in 72 cities.

'No pizza'. The perception that the investigation will end without punishment to those involved fell again in June, when only 35% of respondents agreed with the statement that the Lava Jato must "end in pizza". The result shows a slight reduction compared to the result of April (38%) and strong retraction before the January, When 46% of respondents believed that the operation would end without punishment to those involved.

On the other hand, there was a slight drop in the percentage of those who believe that investigations transform Brazil "in a serious country". In June, 72% of respondents said the Lava jet would have such an effect on Brazil, before 75% in April. Despite the variation down, which is within the margin of error, the result of June remains high in comparison with the January, when only 53% of respondents believed that the Lava Jato could turn Brazil into a "serious country".

Ipsos is a global independent company in the market research area in this 87 countries. The company has more than 5 thousand and ranks third in the search industry.

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