Wedge guided pass to Henrique Eduardo Alves, says Attorney

The money was coming from tuition fee charged in exchange for the release of FGTS investment fund resources.
05/07/2016 10h17 - Updated 5/07/2016 10h17
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The Attorney General's Office says it has detected payments contractor Carioca Engineering at Swiss secret account assigned to the former Minister of Tourism Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB).

The research points out that he has benefited from the corruption scheme in the Federal Savings Bank revealed on Friday (1º) in Operation Sepsis.

He was known until now the existence of the account linked to it on the outside and an open investigation by the Public Prosecutor of Switzerland. Now, arise data on the origin of deposits.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, He says the transfers of Carioca Henrique Alves were made under the guidance of the President of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ).

The money, according to the Attorney, was coming from tuition charged the company in exchange for the release of FGTS investment fund resources to works of the Porto Maravilha, in the river.

Folha had access to an order of Janot in which he relates Alves to a “criminal group”. “At the undue advantage of charging made to the entrepreneurs of Carioca construction, With a stated when filing bribe another account, this Henrique Eduardo Alves”, said Attorney General.

People close to the investigation told the Folha that there was more than one shipment of Carioca to the former minister. The values ​​would total at least $ 300 one thousand.

In March, the prosecutor of Switzerland moved to Brazil an investigation against Henrique Alves started in the country, because the account of the discovery. In this ocasion, she had a balance of R $ 2,8 millions.

No last day 16, Alves resigned from the post of minister -one of the reasons would have been the discovery of the money deposited outside Brazil.

Mayor in 2013 e 2014, it is one of the closest PMDB interim president, Michel Temer (PMDB).

according Janot, the Swiss account was provided by Cunha entrepreneurs Ricardo Pernambuco and Ricardo Junior Pernambuco, Carioca Engineering. Alves was the leader of the PMDB in the House in 2011, when it chancelou the appointment of Fabio Cleto for a vice-president of the Federal Savings Bank.

The office of Cleto was used by Cunha and Lucio Funaro stockbroker for collecting kickbacks from companies that received FI-FGTS contributions, as the former vice box holds in its award-winning tipoff.

Entrepreneurs of Carioca Engenharia delivered in plea bargaining a list of bank accounts abroad that have received bribes at the request of Cunha. The researchers found that, between them, had Cleto and Henrique Alves accounts.

“The property and the disposition of the amounts were hidden from the beginning by the criminal group. As recounted in testimony, the members of the Carioca believed pay bribes to Cunha, that requested, He negotiated and provided the data of accounts to deposit the bribe. At no time indicated to members of the Carioca beneficiaries would Cleto or Henrique Eduardo Alves”, said Attorney General.

Last month, Janot denounced the Supreme Alves in the box corruption scheme. They are also targets of the complaint Cunha own, Cleto and Funaro.


The lawyer of former Minister Henrique Alves (PMDB), Marcelo Leal, stated that he “vehemently denies having received any improper use as a personal advantage in accounts in Brazil or abroad and repudiates the selective leaking of information in violation of the law and the constitutional guarantees”.

Deputy Eduardo Cunha away (PMDB-RJ) denies request bribes for Alves. “I did not have access to the complaint, I did not ask for bribes or me, or anyone and desminto the statement”, said, by note.

The defense stockbroker Lucius Funaro says his client is innocent and will prove it during the process in court.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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