Decision on Cunha cassation is again delayed

The president of the CCJ called another meeting for Thursday, at 9 am.
14/07/2016 07h36 - Updated 14/07/2016 13h05
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Ally of former president of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), President of the Commission of Constitution and Justice (CCJ) from home, Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), closed on Wednesday (13),afternoon the meeting of the joint committee, which analyzed PMDB appeal against decision of the Board of Ethics, even without the agenda has been started in the plenary. A Serraglio decision angered the wedge opponent, who began shouting "shame".

Serraglio came to give the floor to the defense Cunha for closing arguments. However, before misinformation about the start of the agenda, Serraglio decided to convene another meeting for Thursday (14), at 9 am, and closed the meeting.

"There is a clear manipulation [the chairman of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA)]”, He complained Serraglio. I did not submit this committee it ", he said, before ending the session under intense attack by favorable deputies to Cunha cassation.

Chiefly interested in postponing the opinion of the rapporteur Ronaldo Fonseca vote (PROS-DF), Cunha remained calm, sitting next to the president, without sketch reaction. Confirmed the end of the meeting, virtually all members of the CCJ went to the bureau of the committee to press Serraglio.


The meeting of the CCJ, opened with delay 45 minutes, He told from the start with the presence of Cunha and came to have 36 attached Members to speak in debates. The work ended up extending to the vote of two requirements posed by Cunha allies: asked one roll call vote for the resource and the other, that matter was removed from the agenda. Both were defeated.

Mr Hugo Motta (PMDB-PB), integrating the favorable group Cunha, He defended at various times that the session be postponed until the rapporteur Ronaldo Fonseca could appreciate the eight votes separately that were presented at the CCJ. Members of the collegial, However, not heeded the suggestion.

Carlos Marun (PMDB-MS) even claimed that "everyone knew that the vote would not take place today", provoking protests from members of the PT and PSOL that integrate the CCJ.

Contributing to lengthen the session, Mr João Carlos Bacelar (PR-BA) read parallel vote, in which he welcomes the request wedge to the vote on the Ethics Committee was annulled by the fact that the rapporteur of the matter that collegiality, Marcos Rogerio (DEM RO), compose the same party bloc of the House of former President, which would be prohibited by regulations.

Fonseca countered the arguments of Bacelar, claiming to have not received the complaint, whys Rogerio report does not "caused injury to the representative, or privilege to represented ". Having allowed to speak, Cunha said that what appears in the bylaws of the House "is an express seal" and that, therefore, not up to the rapporteur to assess whether there was privilege to check the nullity of the rapporteur. O referee, However, He did not accept the arguments.

Then, the word was given to party leaders, which generated protests from MPs opposed to Cunha, who wanted to vote Fonseca report before the House chairman of the election.

"We are watching, since yesterday [12], here in CCJ, a dramatic and pathetic fight represented, also deputy, in face his destiny ", said Wadih Damous (PT-RJ). "It is unacceptable that the trial of this feature is done when there are other priorities in the House. It is pusillanimous the accusation that it is making a postponement ", countered Beto Mansur (PRB-SP).

After more than six hours of debate, the joint committee approved an application for that encerrassem discussions of the matter. From then on, They were granted more 20 minutes for the Rapporteur made his final remarks. Shortly thereafter, However, the meeting was interrupted due to the plenary of the call for the election of the new Speaker of the House.

In its report, Fonseca received one of 16 points raised by Cunha: the vote on the Ethics Committee could not have been rated the microphone, but electronics, para evitar ochamado “herd effect”.

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