Dilma defense proposed agreement to accelerate impeachment

The reduction would prevent the trial session is extended and paralyze the Senate in the second half.
18/07/2016 12h36 - Updated 18/07/2016 12h36
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The defense away President Dilma Rousseff is willing to an agreement with the prosecution to reduce the number of witnesses to be heard in the final phase of the impeachment process.

The reduction would prevent the trial session, scheduled to begin on 25 of August, extends and paralyze the Senate in the second half.

Dilma is accused of participation in five events that may constitute a crime committed – tax pedaling in the Bank of Brazil and editing, allegedly illegal, four budget decrees.

As the technical understanding of the Supreme Court (STF) and Senate, the Criminal Procedure Code admits that defense and prosecution arrolem, each one, five witnesses for each of the facts. O total summoned, therefore, You can reach 50 (25 for each side).


Another issue under discussion is the succession of the Chief Justice, Ricardo Lewandowski. He will lead the trial, equivalent to a jury session, if the process proceed in the impeachment committee and, then, in plenary.

The minister's team studies the impeachment since April and is familiar with the process. In 10 of September, it will be replaced in his duties by Minister Carmen Lucia. The transition could mean some delay in the process or changes in understanding of how to drive it.

The former Advocate General of the Union José Eduardo Cardozo, representing Dilma in the process, said you agree with reducing the number of witnesses. He has talked about the president of the impeachment committee, Senator Raymond Lira (PMDB-PB), and plans to discuss the matter with Lewandowski. The goal is to reach a consensus on the amount of witnesses.

“witnesses, some of them have heard. I think that, at that time the plenary, we must take only those that are most important. I have every interest to sit and talk (to the prosecution)”, said Cardozo. He believes that many witnesses may be repeated, if everyone is heard in the final stage. “O important, for us, It is to make the defense evidence, and not the number of people”, he explained. According to him, there is interest in “procrastination”.


For PT sectors, a more or less rapid outcome of the impeachment will not interfere, necessarily, the result of the process, but can create problems in the midst of elections this year. Exposing the trial would damage the party's candidates for city governments and local chambers.

The defense Dilma evaluated call as a witness the prosecutor of the Republic Ivan Marx, Federal Public Ministry, in Brasilia. In opinions sent to Justice, Marx concluded that the tax rides were not credit operations. The argument that the maneuvers were “illegal loans” It is one of the process bases. “The opinions show that our legal interpretation is correct and sustainable”, said Cardozo.

The prosecution alleged that his interest is in a lean frame deponents and a speedy outcome. “We do not arrolaremos or five witnesses. The crimes are more than ever. Print some rationality to this process only depends on them”, said the lawyer Janaina Paschoal, signed the impeachment.

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