Defense studies buy electronic ankle bracelet to drop Carlinhos Cachoeira

Lack of equipment prevents way the gaff and other defendants in Operation Marauder for house arrest.
04/07/2016 13h52 - Updated 4/07/2016 18h19
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Given the impasse that keeps the bookie Carlinhos Cachoeira in prison Bangu 8, the Penitentiary of Gericinó, his lawyers are studying the possibility of buying an electronic anklet to allow the conversion of remand under house arrest. The Waterfall lawyer, Kleber Lopes, He said it will go to Rio on Monday to try to release your client. Waterfall follows stuck because the equipment is missing. If the state does not provide the monitoring device, he plans to buy a unit.

- My client can not be penalized because the state (From Rio) It is broken if there is an order for him to stay at home. The understanding of the court is that, in such cases, it is released. I will dispatch with the judge in the second and, if necessary, buy anklet - said Lopes, who said he did not know how much it costs the equipment.

Arrested in Operation Marauder with Waterfall, or ex-gift from Delta, Fernando Cavendish, the former director of the construction company Claudio Abreu and Adir Assad and Marcelo Abbud entrepreneurs are also awaiting equipment to leave the unit. The anklets are missing because of the State of Rio late payment to the supplier. According to the Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP), the situation should be normalized on Thursday.

in a statement, SEAP claimed that is "striving to honor its commitment to the supplier for the delivery and maintenance of anklets is normalized", and expects to have equipment available this week, including the return of some that are in use or maintenance. The SEAP went on to say that the prisoners could go home even without monitoring, if they had judicial authorization.

no Saturday, Cavendish and waterfall resorted to court to be released and not be penalized by the financial crisis of the state government. The appeal was denied on Sunday by Judge José Ferreira Neves, TRF of the 2nd Region. Judge Marcelo Bretas, 7th Federal Criminal Court of Rio, He determined that they prove lawful occupation and the SEAP put the anklets before releasing them. The five are accused of integrating scheme that diverted R $ 370 million public works made by Delta.

no Saturday, they were transferred from the Ary Franco prison, Santa Water, for Bangu 8, because they proved to have college degree. Cavendish and Assad are trained in Engineering, and Waterfall, Administration.

Who determined the transfer to house arrest, on Friday, was Judge Antonio Ivan Athié, TRF of the 2nd Region. The Federal Public Ministry said it will appeal. The decision will Athié, So, to be submitted to the other two members of the 1st Class Criminal Specialized TRF-2, the judges Abel Gomes and Paulo Holy Spirit.

Source: The globe

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