DMV-AM guides drivers on the use of low beam during the day on state highways

This Friday(8) and during the whole week end, barriers will be mounted on state highways.
07/07/2016 17h38 - Updated 8/07/2016 07h58
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The State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM) starts on Friday, day 8 July, an Educational Campaign to draw attention of drivers for the entry into force of the Federal Law 13.290, from 23 from May of 2016, mandating that the "operator should keep lit the headlights of the vehicle, using low light, overnight and during the day in tunnels provided public lighting and the roads ".

According to the CEO of the DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, on Friday and throughout the weekend, barriers will be mounted on state highways AM-010 (Manaus-Itacoatiara), Manuel Urbano AM-070 (Manaus, Manacapuru) and Tourism Road, AM-450.

"Until midnight Sunday (10/07) our officers and also officers of the Traffic Police Battalion Military (Old) They will only guide drivers to use the lighthouse access, after that, who break the law, will be fined, as established by the law ", alert Leonel Feitoza.

In case of non-compliance, the driver will be fined for an average offense, with a fine of R $ 85,13 and four points in the National Driver's License (CNH). The rule applies to all vehicles.

Leonel Feitoza guides drivers who use the access lighthouse is required even in the urban stretches of state highways, as is the case on road AM-010. "From Manaus road, vehicles will have to move with lighthouse access ", says.

The same goes for the AM-450. this highway, the cars will have to move with headlights access from the Ponta Negra roundabout.

In the case of highway AM 070 the requirement takes effect from the Rio Negro Bridge.

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