DMV returns require drug testing for CNH categories C, D and E, no AM

Justice had suspended demand, but an injunction was overturned. Seeks to appeal the decision to require examination in the state.
22/07/2016 16h00 - Updated 23/07/2016 12h24
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The State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM) He returned to require drug testing for the first issue and renewal via the National Driver's License (CNH) category C, D and E. The agency had obtained an injunction that barred the obligation, but the decision was overturned by the Federal Court upon request of the Union and the National Traffic Department (Denatran). The DMV-AM says he tries to use.

from day 14 the emission system has again require drug testing. Without the test results, identifying whether the driver has used drugs amphetamine and the last three months, the renewal process and the issue does not continue.

In April this year, Federal Judge Jaiza Fraxe, holder of the 1st Court of the Federal Regional Court of the First Region, upheld the application for DMV-AM injunction suspending the requirement of examination by no accredited laboratories in all municipalities of Amazonas.

The Union and the Denatran-AM appealed the decision. no day 22 of June, Federal Judge Kassio Nunes Marques gave a favorable opinion and ordered the return of demand.

According to the CEO of DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, the greatest difficulties for the requirement of compliance is the delay in receiving the test results and the lack of accredited laboratories in the state. No Amazon, only Manaus, Itacoatiara, Tefé and Coari have accredited laboratories to collect the biological material.
To take the exam, hair samples or the drivers are collected in the Amazon and sent to São Paulo, then, follow to the United States, where drug testing is done. The process takes about 40 days and exam costs between R $ 300 and R $ 400. Approximately 5 thousand drivers are with pending review.

“We understand that, for us take it user, the DMV would have to first giving conditions to carry out this examination. The state of Amazonas is not only Manaus. In the state have people who drive heavy vehicles and those people do not have conditions to travel inland to the capital to make the collection”, said CEO.

The DMV-AM plans to meet with judge to explain the difficulties and the requirement for hearing next week. If you can not reverse the decision, the State Traffic Department will appeal with a request for suspension of the tox the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

“Meanwhile, drivers will do the tox, but it is a lack of common sense because Denatran only accredited five laboratories to receive from all over Brazil the materials collected in the states and send to the United States. There is a lack of common sense because there is no accredited laboratory to the collection in almost all municipalities of Amazonas”, He emphasized Leonel Feitoza.

Drivers who managed to renew or issue the first CNH for categories C, D and E in the suspension period of not have to do drug testing.

The list of laboratories that collect in Manaus and the other three municipalities in the state is available at DMV-AM site.

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