Diego Hypólito gets sick and is attended by firefighters after receiving threat in Faustão

He would have received a call saying that entered the stage would be out of Olympics.
18/07/2016 12h45 - Updated 18/07/2016 12h45
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SUNDAY, 17, It ended up being marked by a controversial case of alleged censorship. One minute before entering the frame 'Ding Dong', the 'Domingão Faustão', the gymnast Diego Hypólito received a call with threatening air. The call said that if he entered the stage of Fausto Silva was consequently out of Olympics. The connection would have been made by a person of the first echelon of Brazilian gymnast. Diego, However, He refused to reveal who had called him. In no time the athlete appeared or gave himself explanations on the subject. Sister Athlete, Daniele, He reached into the air and gave evasive explanations of what would have happened with the gymnast.

Faustão then started saying that the ban would be linked to suspend the national coach of gymnastics, accused of sexually abusing a young underage. While the communicator spoke the truth about the case on television, the athlete cried and was sick behind the scenes. He had to be bailed out by doctors and firefighters. Diego was taken to a nearby clinic to channel, which is in São Paulo. No information about the health of the athlete. The presenter accused the Olympic Committee of Censorship. One of the Committee's representatives talked to the production and denied that he had attached to the athlete.

Before response, Fausto Silva came to call the organization of the Olympic Committee of imbecile, remembering that throughout the week the presence of Diego was announced throughout the week. Because of Embezzlement, the communicator came to call a person from the audience. However, seconds later the commentator Caio Ribeiro arrived at the scene. The Sunday presenter asked the sportswriters who best apurassem case, especially for how to work the pressure to athletes, especially now to twenty days of the Olympics.

The outburst quickly Faustão became the most talked about subject in the country and should win the main news. Is that you, You think he is right in what he said?

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