Dilma says he did not know box 2 the campaign

In an interview this morning, a presidente afastada afirmou que ‘procurou sempre pagar valor que achava que devia’.
22/07/2016 10h53 - Updated 22/07/2016 10h53
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The away president, Dilma Rousseff, He said in an interview with Radio Journal, Pernambuco, not authorized cash payment 2 anyone during his campaign.

“In my campaign I always tried to pay value that thought should. If there was payment (Of box 2), It was not to my knowledge”, Dilma said early on Friday, 22.

Publicist John Santana and his wife and partner, Monica Moura, claimed on Thursday that $ 4,5 million received in an account in Switzerland had the original box 2 Rousseff's campaign 2010.

The couple was questioned in Curitiba by Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the processes of Operation Lava jet in the first instance.

Rousseff also said that continues to struggle to return to power and stressed that the impeachment process will only be completed with the vote in the Senate, scheduled for the end of August.

“Opening the process, 22 senators voted against impeachment. Therefore, only missing six or seven senators to ensure that the impeachment is nothing. And I've talked a lot with Senators”, commented.

Yesterday, in an interview with radio Pampa, Dilma had said that there is a great chance to reverse the impeachment, because you senators “They have a very strong level of responsibility”.

In this sense, Takeaway president denied it was already making his move to the Alvorada Palace to Porto Alegre, where his family lives. “What I have is the Alvorada Palace, little is in Porto Alegre. I hope to take my things there in January 2019, and as Lula, I'll have some many containers”, he said.

Dilma denied the possibility of maintaining the current economic team if returned to the Presidency, but praised the Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles. “I see no defect in the person of Henrique Meirelles, he is capable and competent”, said.

She also commented on the departure of Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) the presidency of the Chamber. “The House was enhanced. Whether or not, It is not our unfortunate Eduardo Cunha”. Dilma said, even having no special approach to the DEM, He expects the new chairman of the House, Rodrigo Maia, “has an absolutely republican activity”.

Dilma also hit back Lula's statement, made during a visit by former President Pernambuco, that it was wrong to propose fiscal adjustment measures, that made the government lose the support of the working classes.

“No one was satisfied Rousseff have said during the campaign that would not move the worker's pocket and then she had put in place a program that was the opponent. She had already done meetings with unions, but it was announced a package that threw the union against it”, Lula said at the time.

The president countered away. “I do not believe that shifted the worker's pocket. What we correct in unemployment insurance and pensions, and especially in the insurance closed, were things that were incorrect, paying people who were not fishermen, by registration error. I shifted in law of distortions”, he said.

Regarding the recent increase granted to public servants, Rousseff said he has nothing against the readjustment, but do you think the tricky time for this type of measure. “Servers are deserving, but I do not think, given the difficult situation of the country, You should give rise for those earning more. It would be better to keep the track 1 My House My Life”, evaluated.

In yesterday's interview with radio Pampa, Rousseff said she was outraged by the alleged distortion promoted research institute Datafolha.

“Suddenly they thought it was not relevant to know what the population wanted in relation to elections. I am indignant before this distortion. As it is not important to know what the people think?”, questioned.

The center of the imbroglio is a question about the permanence of Michel Temer or around Dilma.

“In your opinion, what would be best for the country: Rousseff returned to the presidency or Michel Temer continue in office until 2018?” was the question asked respondents.

For 50%, Temer should be, While 32% They responded that Rousseff should resume and 3% They said they preferred new election, even if this alternative has not been presented in question.

In another question, when explicitly asked about the possibility of a new election, 62% They said they were favorable.

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