Dilma is detonated live for live listener radio: “Good morning your thief. You should go to jail”

The interview would have been granted to radio 'Leaf Policy', Pernambuco, linked to a blog of the same name.
07/07/2016 18h27 - Updated 7/07/2016 18h27
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The people are still very loving away President Dilma Rousseff. This week, she decided to give an interview to a radio Pernambuco. All live. Public radio, However, It was very small, about two thousand people were listening to the interview with the Party's representative Workers (PT). According to the political blog 'The Antagonist', in an article published on Tuesday, 05, one of those listeners was impatient and decided to call the radio. Live, he said to the PT: “Good Morning, a thief. You should go to jail”.

Obviously the call was soon cut. The audio of the conversation came to be published on the Internet, but curiously disappeared just when we wrote this story. Does anyone PT sent clear? That you can not say. Strange it is to see a woman president giving interview to blogs and small radios and refusing to receive the mainstream media. That's the way she tries to turn the tide in your favor. The problem is that it ends up reaching very small audiences.

The interview would have been granted to radio 'Leaf Policy', linked to a blog of the same name. It was led by Renata Bezerra de Melo, Márcio Didier and Jota Batista. The PT tries to approach the northeastern public, but has not managed to do this with great prowess. Even those who benefits from the main party of the project Workers, the 'Bolsa Familia', no longer want to know the return policy. All this became even more evident after the President of, Michel Temer, do PMDB, It announced an increase greater social benefit than Dilma had proposed days before being cleared by the Senate.

The Temer strategy took Dilma's shorts. She even came to complain about the higher increase than normal, saying that Michel could have problems in government accounts, just what she was doing more in management. The PT continues trying to show strength, especially now, when you are more fragile.

Source: Blasting News

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