Dilma is beginning to, slowly, his move to Porto Alegre

President away, however, He did not give up plans to return to the presidency.
18/07/2016 14h27 - Updated 18/07/2016 14h27
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Last week, the removal of Dilma Rousseff of the Presidency completed two months without she has managed to advance its main goal: more votes of senators against impeachment.

PT allies keep saying that it is possible to change the score, what, today, It presents a good margin in favor of impeachment. But, slowly, Dilma is already removing his personal belongings to the Alvorada Palace - which will have to vacate if the impeachment is confirmed - and taking them to his apartment in Porto Alegre.

The trips to the state capital are the ones that Dilma can still do in aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), usually a Legacy jet. Whenever embarks there, the president can take away two bags with personal belongings. It also carries the bike with which got used to doing their daily exercises.

The PT has decided to keep the discourse that is victim of a scam, even though the chances of reversing the prevention process in the Senate are low. The concern is always repeating this thesis for her one day be recorded in the pages of history.

- This here will be recorded as blow. Dilma is the victim of a withdrawal of labor rights project. I'm sure it will be vindicated by history - said Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), stressing that still does not consider the battle lost against impeachment.

In Brasilia, Dilma has received allies senators and granted interviews to radio stations. Always wake up early and keeps the habit of pedaling before starting the work routine. Interlocutors say that she is sober, aware of the difficulties of turning the political framework. But that did not give up plans to return to the presidency.

The argument of who has the possibility of reversing the picture is that the complaint about the "tax pedaling", one of the impeachment of bases, It was weakened after the Senate's expertise and the Federal Public Ministry exempted Dilma having personally worked in the Harvest Plan credit operations. For the Federal Audit Court (TCU), the measure characterized the financial maneuver.

The Dilma advocates also say it, initially, He was accused of having signed six additional credit decrees that violated the Budget Guidelines Law. More than, now, only three continue supporting the complaint that removed President committed a crime committed.

Dilma, who did not go to the impeachment committee do their own defense, He has said that will go to the Senate to present his defense to the allegations before the final vote on impeachment.

Besides that, Dilma's team did not rule out that, until the end of August, when the impeachment will be judged by the Senate, a new suit against the government to appear Michel Temer, mortally wounding the acting president. Some Rousseff's allies secretly rooting for a new whistleblower, as the former mayor Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), which is connected to the political core of the government Temer and was always close to the interim president.

Another point that has excited the PT allies is the fact Temer rule with a huge and heterogeneous coalition, which prevents to meet all allies. They twist the increase in dissatisfaction.

- Dilma's situation is difficult, But it's not impossible. The margin between success and failure is narrow. The votes are very volatile. Nothing is consolidated in politics. Some new fact may arise and change the course of things. Besides that, the betrayal factor is difficult to account - said one Dilma aid.

An ally of parliamentary removed president said he has heard many complaints coming from the base Temer, and that this can be reversed on pro-Dilma votes.

- The government has problems Temer. The base is very large, it generates disputes over positions, fights. Add this both side is very complicated - he said.

Source: The globe

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