Dilma regrets in Portuguese newspaper that was not invited to the Olympics

The president away in an interview spoke of his stance on the impeachment process and the country's political situation.
14/07/2016 15h27 - Updated 14/07/2016 15h27
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This weekend the President away, Dilma Rousseff, He gave an interview to newspaper Portugal “Daily News”, which said it was not invited to the Olympics, or to the opening or closing of the games.

Dilma said, until now, It did not come until she no official invitation from the organizing committee or Brazilian. The away president also said he did not attend the event under any circumstances that may decrease it.

Rousseff also complements its response to the Portuguese newspaper, saying she should be invited, since the resources for the Games, and security event, They left his government.

The president took away to say that Eduardo Cunha put presidentialism in Brazil at risk from the moment we accepted the request of his impeachment in the House of Representatives. The PMDB resigned as chairman of the House on Thursday, 7.

The opening event, Takeaway president and acting president
Interim President of Brazil, Michel Temer, will be present in the presidential tribune beside the organizing authorities of the event, which will take place at 20h, day 5 of August.

In this ocasion, will take place the presentation of athletes from teams from all participating countries of games, as well as, there will be a musical show with Caetano Veloso, Anitta and Gilberto Gil, both hired by the committee and not by the government.

This will be the first major event that will be attended by Temer as acting president in Brazil. If Dilma be invited in the coming days, the two may share the same space in an unprecedented situation. The decision on the invitation of the President is away exclusive event committee. The president of the organization said it will meet with Temer before deciding whether to invite or not Dilma Rousseff for the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio.

Heads of several states will be the opening of the games, as presidents and living presidents and prime ministers. The games will take place between days 5 e 21 August and the vote of the president away impeachment should be scheduled for a date after the closing of the Olympics.

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