Dilma free Moro and PT celebrate 'impunity’

Judge ruled that removed President will not testify at the Lava Jato process.
21/07/2016 14h31 - Updated 22/07/2016 00h26
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A novelty in the process of Operation Lava Jato, one of the most important at the moment for the Brazilian population, He has irritated many opponents of the president away, Dilma Rousseff (PT). According to the newspaper O Globo, the federal judge overseeing the case, Sergio Moro, He released the president to testify in Operation. The decision was made after acceptance of several requests from the contractor's lawyers Marcelo Bahia Odebrecht for Dilma to defend him. however, Live he returned in its decision and said that Dilma just need to give evidence in writing.

Previously, Odebrecht lawyers arrolaram away the president in action investigates bribery transfers through the Structured Finance Sector. John Santana PT, marketer of Dilma Rousseff campaigns, It is also being investigated and has been arrested on the orders of Judge Sergio Moro.

After Moro let Dilma testify only in writing, lawyers contractor Marcelo Odebrecht reported that all the others in his defense testimony marked canceled. According to the document sent to the federal magistrate, the reasons for the cancellation are “confidential” I live and have to abide by the decision.

However, the Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Globo announced that Odebrecht is a few steps to close a whistleblower award according to their “comparsas”, which could undermine the country's structures. The signature should be done with the Federal Public Ministry (MPF). For this to occur, according to the newspaper, it is necessary that Odebrecht get back supporting digital files that demonstrate the payment of bribes to politicians and other authorities “senior”.

Marcelo Bahia Odrebrecht was arrested on 19 July last year. He was president of one of the largest construction companies in the country, the Odrebrecht Organization. it, It was a dangerous money laundering scheme, revealed during operation Lava Jato, led by Sergio Moro. The money was used to make illegal transfers involving Petrobras.

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