Director of Fiesp to R $ 6,9 billion in tax to the government

Its debt is larger than the governments of Bahia, Pernambuco and other 16 States individually.
18/07/2016 09h15 - Updated 18/07/2016 09h15
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The Laodse businessman Abreu Duarte, a director of the Federation of São Paulo State Industries (Fiesp), It is the largest debtor of the Union between individuals.

Its debt is larger than the governments of Bahia, Pernambuco and other 16 States individually: R$ 6,9 billion.

Laodse – who has been sentenced to prison for crimes against the tax order, but appealed – It is one of thousands of records of members of the outstanding debt of the Union, which concentrates difficult to recover debts.

Besides Laodse, They appear at the top of the debtors individuals ranking two of his brothers: Luiz Lian and Luce Cleo, with debts of more than R $ 6,6 billion.

For these three brothers, almost all of the value assigned to each relates to the same debt, since they were managers of the same family business group that is being charged by the Attorney General of the National Treasury.

The sum of the amounts owed by companies and individuals to the federal government recently surpassed R $ 1 trillion. Millions of borrowers, but a small elite dominates the top of this undesirable ranking: the 13,5 thousand that are more than R $ 15 million account, together, for a debt of R $ 812 billion to federal coffers – more than three quarters of the total due to Union.

The debt of these larger debt is five times the total hole in planned federal budget 2016.

this group – which excludes debt stock pension, FGTS and cases where there is suspension of the collection by court order – They are from broken companies, as Varig and VASP, but also the national GDP engines, as Vale, a Carital Brasil (former Parmalat) and to the state oil company Petrobras.

But how individuals come to owe as much to the tax authorities? The explanation is that the members of the family Duarte Abreu were included as co-responsible in a tax case involving one of his companies, a Duagro – that should, not complete, R$ 6,84 billion to the government.

According to the Farm, the company made alleged purchase and sale of securities of Argentina and the United States without paying taxes due between 1999 e 2002. Denunciation of the prosecution pointed out that Duagro “defrauded the tax inspection.” For MP, no doubt about the real existence of traded securities, since some were not released on the dates recorded in the accounts.

The prosecution suspects that the company has served as “orange” in “even more evasion scheme, involving dozens of other reputable and large companies, whose value can only be recovered, in theory, if there is a large study of the core of the scheme”.

According to the website of Fiesp, Laodse is one of the current 86 entity's directors, unspecified. It also includes the Superior Agribusiness Council of the Federation and chairs the Industry Union of Vegetable Oil and its derivatives in São Paulo.


A fourth brother Laodse appears in the Union list of debtors with debts of R $ 3 million and is also owner offshore tax haven, according to Panama Papers. Livy Canuto de Abreu Duarte was a partner at Midwest Oil LTD, company registered in the British Virgin Islands by Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca.


In addition to the individual title with more debts with the Union, Abreu Duarte Laodse businessman appears in national repercussions scandals. One of the surveys of the monthly allowance scheme indicates that the scheme set up by businessman Marcos Valerio de Souza made seven payments to a trade company and export of grains linked to Abreu Duarte.

In 2003, the businessman was sentenced to five years in prison – pity it was later converted to house arrest – after being accused by prosecutors of participating in the alleged forgery scheme soybean export operations, com valor superior a US$ 60 millions. Laodse was also indicted by the CPI Banestado, in 2004.

In 2006, the Ministry of Justice asked the United States together to investigate the suspected money laundering and financial crimes involving the entrepreneur, João Francisco Daniel (brother of former mayor of Santo André Celso Daniel) and Geraldo Rondon da Rocha Azevedo. The investigation was closed in 2010.


Wanted by the report, businessman Laodse de Abreu Duarte reported, by email, that his conviction for crimes against the tax order has not yet been tried on appeal, “which makes precipitate any conclusion or judgment”. He said the Duagro “I never paid” the alleged tax evasion scheme described by the Attorney.

The businessman also said he did not have any connection with the case of monthly allowance and Banestado. “Not kept business or personal relationship with the mentioned and do not answer the process or procedures that have links or related to these”, wrote. He denied even have “relationship of any kind” with João Francisco Daniel and Geraldo Rondon da Rocha Azevedo and said the judiciary also examines use of his conviction by the soybean export operations.

The lawyer Fabricio Henrique de Souza, representing the family, It reported that the debts that appear in the three brothers are the result of name “questions the IRS by market transactions” and they are still being challenged in court.

Already Livius Canuto lawyer Abreu Duarte, Ademir Sica, He said the charges are unwarranted Union, as Livio left the direction of family businesses in 1997. He declined to comment on the existence of offshore and not know if it was declared to the Brazilian authorities. sought, Fiesp did not comment.


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