Match for the House of Representatives already has command 14 candidates

It will be set today from 16h, the name of the new chairman of the House.
13/07/2016 06h00 - Updated 13/07/2016 13h08
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The House of Representatives will set today (13), a partir das 16h, the new name of chairman of the House after the resignation of Deputy Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ). Until now, 14 Members officiated applications for the cap mandate until February next year. Actuates the House, who wins the contest will be the second in line to the country, if the Senate confirm the impeachment of President Rousseff away.

New applications can be registered until noon Wednesday. The election will take place through electronic voting machines and the vote will be secret, as provided for in the bylaws of the House.

The order of the candidates in the vote and speeches shall be determined by lot. Each candidate will have ten minutes to present their platforms and ask for the vote of colleagues.

To be elected, Deputy need the absolute majority, that is, 257 votes. If no one can reach that number in the first vote, there will be second round. In case of a tie, both the first in a possible second round, the dispute will be decided according to the following criteria: more mandates and older parliamentary.


Luiza Erundina - Currently in PSOL, Mrs was the first woman mayor of São Paulo (1989 a 1992), when it was affiliated with the PT (1980 a 1997). Do PT, Erundina was to PSB (1997-2016). It was also councilor (1983 a 1987) and State Representative (1987 a 1988).

Rogério Rosso - Federal Deputy from 2007, Rosso is a lawyer and has held public office in the government of the Federal District in Joaquim Roriz management. In 2010 He was chosen governor in indirect election of the Federal District Legislative Assembly to mandate a cap after the departure of former governor José Roberto Arruda. PSD leader in the House, Rosso chaired the Committee on Impeachment which examined the complaint against President Dilma away Roussff in the House. It is an ally of Cunha.

Carlos Henrique Gaguim - Member of the call Centrão and ally of Eduardo Cunha, It has been the PTB and the PMDB. Was twice Palmas Alderman, three times state representative, twice president of the Legislative Assembly and governor of Tocantins. currently, It is affiliated with the LWA and exerts its first federal deputy mandate.

Marcelo Castro - Doctor and professor at the Federal University of Piauí, the PMDB Castro is former minister president of government health away Dilma Rousseff. It has been a state representative and stood out in the Chamber of Deputies and President of CPI investigating air accidents 2007.

Carlos Manato - Current Chamber of Corregidor, Manato is also a member of Centrão. It is doctor by training and member since 2003, when he was elected by PDT, before going to the Solidarity. Former member of the Management Board of the Chamber as a substitute twice.

Fábio Ramalho - It's in the third term in the House of Representatives. Graduated in law, Ramalho was mayor of Malacacheta (MG) period not 1997 a 2004. do PMDB, Deputy already integrated the commission of Finance and Taxation and Participative Legislation. Currently holds the Constitution Commission and Justice and Citizenship.

Fausto Pinato - First rapporteur of the case against Eduardo Cunha on the Board of Ethics, Pinato is in his first term of federal deputy for the PP. Lawyer, the São Paulo deputy has worked as a parliamentary secretary in the House and as a technical advisor in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.

Giacobo - Ally Cunha and furniture business entrepreneur and home appliances, PR deputy is also linked to agribusiness bench and was chairman of the Agriculture Committee, livestock, Supply and Rural Development.

Cristiane Brazil - In his first term Congresswoman, Cristiane has been councilwoman in Rio de Janeiro. whistleblower daughter of the monthly allowance Roberto Jefferson, Cristiane is affiliated with the PTB and has been extraordinary secretary of the Third Age and special secretary of Healthy Aging and Quality of Rio de Janeiro city hall Life.

Spyridon Amin - Lawyer, university professor and administrator, Espridião Amin, currently in his third term in the House elected by the PP, He was governor of Santa Catarina and twice mayor of Florianópolis (SC).

Evair Vieira de Melo – agricultural technician and business administrator with an MBA in Project Management, Vieira de Melo is in his first term as a federal deputy for PV. It has been municipal secretary of Agriculture Sale New Immigrants (IS) and CEO of the Capixaba Research Institute, Rural Extension and Technical Assistance.

Miro Teixeira – Journalist and lawyer, Teixeira is the Dean of the House of Representatives and meets the 11th term as congressman. It was constitutional and parliamentary communications minister in the first year of the first government of President Lula. It is affiliated to the Network.

Rodrigo Maia – Son of former mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Cesar Maia, Rodrigo Maia is in his fifth term in the House of Representatives. Former president of the Democrats, the parliament has been twice Party bench leader in the House.

Beto Mansur – currently, It is the 1st Secretary of the Management Board of the Chamber. Affiliated to PRB, He is in his fifth term as congressman. Mansur is radio, businessman and electronic engineer and has been mayor of Santos (SP).

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