Federal Public Debt rises 2,77% and reaches R $ 2,958 trillion

The data, including domestic and foreign debt, They were released by the National Treasury.
25/07/2016 10h49 - Updated 25/07/2016 10h49
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The Federal Public Debt (DPF) showed an increase, in nominal terms, from 2,77%, in June compared to May, changing from R $ 2,878 trillion to R $ 2,958 trillion. The data, including domestic and foreign debt, They were released today (25) the National Treasury.

The debt of the Treasury may occur through the supply of government bonds in auctions, through the Internet (Treasury Direct) or by direct emission. Another factor elevation may occur due to the signing of loan agreements. In June, emissions FPD corresponded to R $ 64,18 billion, while redemptions reached R $ 3,07 billion, resulting in a net issuance of R $ 61,11 billion.

“It was the largest net issuance since June 2015”, said the general coordinator of Public Debt Operations, National Treasury, Leandro Secunho.

The Public Debt Domestic Federal (Dpmfi) It had expanded in stock 3,41% changing from R $ 2,744 trillion to R $ 2,837 trillion. DPMFi is the domestic federal debt outstanding in the domestic market.


Regarding the stock of the Federal External Public Debt (DPFE), there was a reduction of 10,34% in comparison with the previous month, reaching R $ 120,77 billion, equivalent to US $ 37,63 billion. Of this total, R$ 110,70 billion (US$ 34,49 billion) refer to debt securities (Titles), and R $ 10,07 billion (US$ 3,14 billion), the contractual debt. DPFe is the existing debt on the international market pays in other currencies. According to the National Treasury, the variation of DPFe was mainly due to the appreciation of the real in relation to currencies that make up the stock of external debt.

According to the Annual Borrowing Plan (ON F), the government estimates the Federal Public Debt, in 2016, between R $ 3,1 trillion and R $ 3,3 trillion.

Source: Agency Brazil

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