Eduardo Cunha tries to defend itself and is humbled by the people: 'Bandit'; see video

Congressman tries to defend the Commission of Justice and try to keep mandate.
13/07/2016 13h40 - Updated 14/07/2016 07h43
Photo: (Rodrigues Pozzebom / Agency Brazil

Congressman Eduardo Cunha, elected by the PMDB of Rio de Janeiro, He went on the afternoon of Tuesday, 12, a severe harassment to get to the meeting of the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ). The PMDB was the place to try to approval of its application to annul the vote held at the Ethics Council of the Chamber of Deputies, which gave its assent to the cancellation of political. “bandit, Cunha in jail”, screaming people who do not seem to believe in the innocence of Eduardo Cunha, which is the subject of some investigations and prosecutions. Last week, during a live news broadcast on television, parliamentary came crying to resign from the presidency of the Chamber. This Wednesday, 12, You begin the ritual to choose the new president of the house.

According to G1 information, Eduardo Cunha arrived at the scene by Annex 2 the House. He was with several security guards of the house, who avoided Cunha could come be attacked by Popular. The professionals, However, They were not able to reduce the disagreement cries of opponents. Political seemed to pretend he was hearing nothing and went head high, going in front of your main goal, that is to keep the mandate. Eduardo is considered a kind of political corpse. Even so, he still has hopes of a turnaround, if only to save his daughter and wife, journalist Claudia Cruz, investigations of Lava Jato.

See below the video showing Eduardo Cunha being harassed:

Throughout this Tuesday, the various parties hold meetings to choose their representatives who will try the vote in run for office in the house. It was demonstrated that there is a rift in several subtitles, even stronger, como o PMDB, President Michel Temer in exercise, that kept Cunha years ahead of parliament, as well as the Workers' Party (PT), working to prevent the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away. According to the newspaper Esplanada column 'The Day', even Dilma believe around and enjoy the free time to listen to Beyoncé.

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