Effect Aunt Eron can override vote in the House against Cunha

impeachment of the President of the Chamber may be canceled for a very curious reason.
06/07/2016 14h43 - Updated 6/07/2016 14h43
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No last day 14, the future of the impeachment process of President of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), He was confined in the hands of a single person: the Congresswoman Aunt Eron (PRB-BA), who kept secret about her vote on the Board of Ethics until the last minute.

Twenty days later, the effect of its decision on other collegiate members may void the vote that recommended the revocation of the mandate PMDB.

In a report presented to the Committee on Constitution and Justice today, the case of the rapporteur, Mr Ronaldo Fonseca (PROS-DF), It recommends that annulled the vote of the Board of Ethics report which decided to mandate the revocation of PMDB.

Reason: voting by call of the deputies allowed a kind of "herd effect" among board members.

“Taking the votes one by one, rather than harvest them all at once (as is the rule established by the Internal Rules of the House of Representatives), it's over by, apparently, influence the vote of at least one parliamentary”, says the deputy in the opinion.

He refers to Mr Wladimir Costa (SD-PA) who voted for impeachment but has previously stated that it would vote with Cunha.
Changing the orientation of Costa took after Aunt Eron (PRB-BA) gave their vote, contrary to the President of the House away. The final match ends with 11 votes in favor of impeachment and 9 Against.

“Change abruptly and wanes legal or regimental standard systematic vote represented a huge loss to the represented, in the face of undeniable ripple effect, recognized even by his opponents”, said the rapporteur of the opinion.

According to Fonseca, voting day 14 June should be annulled and repeated again through the electronic vote system, following the guidance of the bylaws of the House.

According to him, the order of the so-called deputies was also arbitrary. Instead of calling a block and alphabetical order, President of the Ethics Council should have made the call "interchangeably, from north to south and vice versa ".

This was the only argument accepted by a total of Fonseca 15 presented by Cunha and allies. The opinion presented today must still be voted on by members of the CCJ. The forecast is that the analysis only happen next week.

Before you start reading your vote, Fonseca said it took into account the protection of “Democratic state” and that is not the role of CCJ tell if Cunha received kickbacks in foreign accounts, but only violations in the process. “I know how much will I be charged for my position, I have no fear, my beliefs always defend”, he said.

With about nine months of comings and goings, the impeachment process of Eduardo Cunha is already the longest in the history of the House. The PMDB is accused of lying to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) Petrobras to say, in testimony, not having foreign accounts in your name.

Investigations of Lava Jato, However, contradict the version presented by Cunha. First politician to turn defendant under the operation that clears the corruption in Petrobras, the PMDB is accused of having received, at least, 5 million dollars in bribe payments to facilitate two contracts between the Samsung shipyard and the International Board of the State.

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