Election in the House can choose new 'vice president of Brazil'

Dispute mandate buffer reflects power station, and the right to the mansion and 72 officials.
13/07/2016 13h07 - Updated 13/07/2016 15h08
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The election of next Wednesday in the House of Representatives will not only be to elect the next President of the Legislative House, but you can also choose the new or new vice president of apparel Brazil the next six months. The reason is that, if confirmed the impeachment of Rousseff (PT) In August, Michel Temer will be effective in office and the vice president of function will be vacant. The Federal Constitution, the substitute, in the case of international travel or inability of the agent, would be the representative of the deputies. More: in the event of absence of Temer, is the chairman of the House which is in the position to call for new elections.

The intense dispute over the post, even if for a term buffer, It does not stem only from chess impeachment. Even in more ordinary conditions, the chief function of Members accumulate immense power that was evident with the performance of Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) since 2015. The post is the second in line of succession and, besides deciding whether to accept a process of impeachment of a President, it is the responsibility of the owner to decide what is going to vote on the floor of the House. It is the mayor, for example, who defines the order of which the project will be considered by lawmakers. Usually, this decision is discussed in the college of leaders, which it is a kind of advisory body made up of representatives of all party caucuses. Not always, However, President follows this query to the letter. Cunha, for example, I used to reverse the order of voting when noted that their interests would be thwarted. this was, for example, if the controversial project vote to lower the legal age of 18 for 16 years.

For any government it is essential to have the command of the House of the Legislature an ally _In general, this is the practice in Brazil, but with notable exceptions such as the very Cunha and Severino Cavalcanti in 2005, under Lula. In the case of an interim management as Michel Fear, the price paid for a setback in charge of the House may be even higher. One of the current occupant of the Planalto asset is to convince allies and enemies – and even supporters in the business community- you have greater control of Congress than its predecessor and that is able to pass undigested guidelines. One of the major difficulties faced by Rousseff was precisely the wedge opposition, besides defending different agenda of the presidency, sponsored several calls staves pumps, projects which provided a greater public spending and were intended to wear it. As a political base slough, the PT was eventually defeated in most of these guidelines.

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Another point that demonstrates the importance of the position is their bargaining power. In exchange for support (and votes) is common the mayor decide which parliamentarian will command particular committee or even composed it, despite the indication be the duty of the party to which the deputy belongs.

Also it will be the successor of Eduardo Cunha handle a budget of almost 6 billion reais. In addition to managing the ego 512 colleagues, the new owner of the function will have almost daily projection in the national press, may appoint 72 employees at a cost of 4 million reais a year (are 47 servers more than the other parliamentary), will have access to a mansion 800 square meters in a prime area of ​​Brasilia and will travel on aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). Not to mention all the security scheme and transport through official vehicles.

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