Election of Chairman of the Board should be for Wednesday

The date is not yet set, but negotiations held by phone and meetings signal the election for the day 13.
11/07/2016 11h30 - Updated 11/07/2016 11h30
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After twists, Members may hit today (11) the final date for Eduardo Cunha's successor election (PMDB-RJ), as president of the Chamber. Negotiations held by phone and meeting between some lawmakers yesterday afternoon (10) They point to the vote on Wednesday (13). The date was defended, since the wedge resignation announcement, the first secretary of the Steering Committee, Beto Mansur (PRB-SP) which argued that it was the day traditionally filled the house, ensuring quorum for the election were held.

Mansur led the talks on Sunday. First made contact with the interim chairman of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), I wanted the election on Thursday (14). With positive signs on the part of Maranhão, Mansur left for talks with leaders, between them, André Moura (government), Rogério Rosso (PSD) and Jovair Arantes (PTB). Deputy Giacobo (PR PR), second vice president of the Chamber, also attended the meeting that ended up convincing lawmakers who defended elections on Tuesday (12) to wait one more day. In this group are PMDB, PEN, PTB, PSC, PP, PTN, PR, PRB, PV, PHS, SD, Pros e PSL.

Despite optimistic, Mansur follows cautious about the possible end of the deadlocks. "I think I convinced everyone. Let's take a Bureau meeting at 15h today to ratify this decision ", he said. The meeting will also be discussed each candidate speech time and the interval between the first and second rounds, whereas the number of candidates should take the dispute to two stages. "We need to define, even for those who go to the second round can compose with other parties support ", he explained.

Oh PMDB, with 66 MEPs, has two names yet disputing the position officially: Marcelo Castro (PI) and Fabio Ramalho (MG). Besides these, there is the expectation of the application record a few more supporters of the interim president Michel Temer. Backstage, circulate the names of Members Baleia Rossi (SP), Osmar Serraglio (PR), Carlos Marun (MS) and Sergio Souza (PR) as possible candidates of the party.

Alongside Castro and Ramalho, longer officially registered candidates deputies Fausto Pinato (PP-SP), Carlos Gaguim (PTN-TO), Carlos Manato (SD-ES) and Heraclitus Fortes (PSB-PI). Already Members Beto Mansur (PRB-SP) and Cristiane Brazil (PTB-RJ), daughter of the monthly allowance whistleblower Roberto Jefferson, They announced their intention to compete, but not yet formalized applications.

Also are expected applications from Rodrigo Maia Members (DEM-RJ) e Rogério Rosso (PSD-DF). There is also the possibility of a candidacy of the PSOL.

Maia tries to tailor support his candidacy out of the called Centrão, trying to bring together the PSDB, PPS e PSB. Maia still trying the support of opposition parties, as PT and PcdoB. já Red, while denying that is in dispute, seeks to facilitate as the Planalto consensus candidate.

Source: Agency Brazil

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