elections 2016: Citizens may report box 2 and vote buying in OAB application

The application enables harvesting and storing documentary evidence and submit them to the ombudsman OAB.
14/07/2016 16h52 - Updated 15/07/2016 10h31
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Voters may denounce vote buying, cash suspected 2 and other electoral irregularities through a mobile application. The instrument is one of the measures to Combat Cash Committee 2 in elections 2016, launched today (14) the Order of Lawyers of Brazil / Rio de Janeiro Section (OAB / RJ) to help citizens to monitor more actively the electoral process and the legitimacy of resources and each candidate spending.

The application Against Cash 2 It can be downloaded free for phones with Android or iOS operating systems. Developed by the company's vice president of OAB / Hills course, Hebert Alcantara, the application enables harvesting and storing documentary evidence and submit them to the ombudsman OAB, that the data provided, will review the evidence and decide on the offer or not complaint.

"Every section has a physical complaint committee receiving. This committee receives complaints, makes analysis and screening and, If uphold, forwards the complaints to the competent bodies to follow up on them ", said Alcantara.

According to him, how many people have difficulty reaching personally the committees of the Bar Association or are afraid to make complaints for fear of reprisals, the application offers the alternative that the complaints are made anonymously.

"In addition to ensuring anonymity, the application facilitates and approaches the citizen of the organs involved in the fairness of the electoral process, It is a bridge between him and the OAB. "

The Alcantara company is developing an application in the same way to monitor fraud in public life in general, as embezzlement, abuse of power, overpricing and other irregularities.

Cashier 2
In Rio de Janeiro, action against electoral irregularities has the support of 63 reginais units of OAB in the state. The president of the OAB / RJ, Felipe Santa Cruz; President of the Regional Electoral Court (THREE) from Rio de Janeiro, Antonio Jayme Boente, and other authorities of Elections, the Public Ministry and the Attorney General attended the launch on Thursday.

"The initiative creates, from the use of the application, and the partition of the MP and TRE, a large network in the law allowing a more effective process of monitoring the electoral process so that the rules are effectively respected and Brazil do not have to go through what is going today, "said Santa Cruz.

As president of the OAB / RJ, the campaign also seeks to raise awareness about misconduct in the electoral process. "The OAB obtained, last year, important victory in the Supreme Court [Supreme Court] to prohibit the funding of legal persons for election campaigns. Now, the goal is to expand the civic vigilance and guide us all, civil society, on the value of the vote. "

Santa Cruz also said that curbing the box 2 it is necessary to reduce the "influence of money" in elections. "Basically, money is that unbalances an election. If a candidate has millions and the other does not, they are not competing on equal conditions. And a declared money has rules. It may be that a candidate has more resources than the other, because it is a larger group of society, now it is necessary that it be declared, in accountability and be supervised by society ", examined.

"Cash 2 It is nothing more than the illegal money fueling campaigns in exchange for favors ahead. We intend to, this initiative, inspect all that is dissonant. We have to say to society that an electoral model made carelessly or illegally will culminate in a policy with more corruption ", He completed the lawyer.

Source: Agency Brazil

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