elections 2016: parties can choose candidates from the day 20 Of this month

Up until 5 August parties should define their candidates for mayor positions, Deputy Mayor and Alderman.
11/07/2016 09h28 - Updated 11/07/2016 09h28
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Applicants who intend to contest the October elections should be aware that the dates are on the calendar established by the Electoral Court. these elections, the changes established by the Electoral Reform will apply (lei 13.165/2015), approved last year by Congress. Thereby, the next day 20 July to 5 of August, parties are allowed to promote the conventions to choose the candidates who will contest the mayor positions, Deputy Mayor and Alderman. The first round of municipal elections will be held on 2 of October.

With the new standard, there were changes in deadlines, to increase the period for submission of applications records, decrease in advertising time on radio and television and the prohibition of private business donations to political campaigns. From now on, the parties are expected to remain through individual donations and resources from the party fund.

Also from the day 20 July, candidates, parties and coalitions may request the right of reply to media outlets by challenging statements and images that consider slanderous.

From day 6 of August, radio and television stations, because they are public concessions, They are prohibited from vehicular opinion for or against the candidates and political parties. TVs also can not give preferential treatment to candidates covertly in novels or movies.

internet advertising

The deadline for application for registration in the electoral regional courts ends on 15 of August, 19h. The next day, advertising shall be allowed on the internet and on the streets. According to the electoral law, candidates can participate in motorcades, distributing pamphlets and using sound car 8h to 22h.


Also allowed rallies from 8h to 24h. The electoral propaganda on radio and television is expected to begin on 26 of August. The reform passed last year reduced from 90 for 45 day campaign period.

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