elections 2016: PSD Omar Aziz confirms support to Arthur Neto

Omar Aziz also confirms Mr Joshua Neto main tipped to vice
23/07/2016 14h51 - Updated 23/07/2016 14h51
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Senator Omar Aziz officiated, on Saturday morning (23), I support the reelection of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB). The announcement was made during convention of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Tuscany Events, Compensates neighborhood, West zone. Omar said the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM) It is the leading contender for vice presidential candidate.

During or event, Omar said that Arthur is the best candidate to manage the city in times of crisis. For him the administration of Arthur has been better than the previous mayors, even with few resources. “At this point the question of who will be or not on the stage with Arthur, It is who is more prepared to rule Manaus. There is no other candidate enemy who is out to mayor. But that's not it at that time, it is who is more prepared to rule Manaus”, he said.

Omar remembered the agreements made between City Hall and State, when he was governor, that made possible the implementation of Proama and prevented the increase in transportation tariff in Manaus. “There is no miracle to Manaus. there is work, dedication and seriousness, that Arthur has made”, said. “We have projects in the city of Manaus to make progress in Manaus, that Arthur and his crew already know. This is no time to start from scratch if we are already ahead on many projects. When there is a change, the new mayor sits on the chair, and all projects we moved back to square one, and has no reason for it”, said.

The senator said that many people have asked him about the vice presidential candidate. And the deputy Joshua Neto is a leading contender. “He is a person who has done an excellent job as deputy, a preparation boy, a person we can trust, and it is one of the names that are there. If you have to be it, It will be a good name to compose the plate. The right things, happen at the right times” he said.

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