In written testimony Dilma reaffirms innocence and appeals to senators

The PT said he was the target of a conspiracy to remember the conversation between Senator Romero Juca.
06/07/2016 13h42 - Updated 6/07/2016 14h56
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In the final part of his written testimony read today (6) by lawyer José Eduardo Cardozo in suing Commission of the Senate Impeachment, Takeaway President Rousseff reaffirmed his innocence on the charges that led the process which can result in permanent loss of his term.

Rousseff stressed that, since the opening of the case by the President of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), "The real reasons and purpose" of impeachment are clear. "Various political forces, They saw and continue to see, my posture not to intervene or not to hamper the investigations carried out by the operation Lava Jato, as something that put at risk sectors of the Brazilian political class. "

The PT said he was the target of a conspiracy to remember the conversation between Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) and the former president of Transpetro Sérgio Machado, which resulted in Juca output of the Ministry of Planning Command days after being appointed by the interim president, Michel Temer.

"As one of the most important leaders of the interim government, Senator Romero Juca, I had to remove the Presidency to, ultimately, possible an agreement to empty police operations against corruption and was stanched the 'sangria’ resulting from these investigations. Several other statements of members of the group that supports or is now in the government confirmed this revelation: It had to take me down to have a chance to escape justice action ", cited.

Rousseff added that these sectors have joined those, since the election result 2014, not conceded defeat at the polls.

"They wanted another policy for the country, with completely different objects and purposes of those who were chosen by most Brazilians ", said the president away, noting that was victorious in the polls thanks to social policies of his government.

Rousseff concluded his defense with an appeal to senators, who asked to reflect on the impeachment with absolute exemption. "I ask you to reflect, with absolute exemption, about the history of our country and what they represent for our young democracy cassation held a presidential term in these circumstances and for these reasons. I express my sincere confidence in the understanding of senators and senators, even though opposition to my government, are open to consider my arguments. I hope that many are willing to act impartially. It suffices to analyze this process so that it is known that not committed irregularities that are attributed to me. The evidence is clear and fully demonstrate that I acted in good faith, the good of the country and our people - and always within the law. "

To fear
In the last lines of defense, Takeaway president again criticized Michel Temer and accused him of treason and lie. "Brazil does not deserve to live a new democratic rupture. We must show the world and ourselves that we can build solid institutions, able to withstand economic and political weather. We must show that we know to honor our Constitution, democracy and the rule of law, while respecting the popular vote. we must show, Finally, we know say no to all that, so elitist and opportunistic, acting with absolute lack of scruples, avail themselves of betrayal, lie, Scam and coups, for hypocritically come to power and rule in absolute step with the wishes of the majority of the population ", concluded.

Next steps
The next meeting of the Commission suing the Impeachment will be to present the senator Antonio Anastasia report (PSDB-MG), no dia 2 August at noon. In this ocasion, the opinion shall be read in committee, for discussion the next day and vote on 4 of August.

Before that, tomorrow (7) a 12 July, the prosecution will send the final arguments to the collegial. Between the days 13 e 27 July, it will be up to the defense to present closing arguments. From then until August 1, the rapporteur will prepare its opinion on the case.

Source: Agency Brazil

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