In speech after being elected, Rodrigo Maia thank support and preaches the pacification of the House

DEM deputy is elected president of the House to receive 285 votes no second round.
14/07/2016 13h19 - Updated 14/07/2016 14h39
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thrilled, the new Speaker of the House, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), He used most of the first speech to thank the support received. He spoke of the thrill of sitting for the first time in the president's chair and preached the pacification of the plenary:

- It's hard to talk after a win these, I never sat in that chair. We will from tomorrow govern with simplicity. We have much work to do, we have to pacify this plenary, dialogue with the minority most. Not only the government has good ideas, each of us have good ideas.

Before starting his first speech as president he, already sitting in the president's chair, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) He made sure to thank the leader of the PT, Afonso Florence (BA).

- Thank you for the trust - said the leader PT.

He cited the opponent, Rogério Rosso (PSD-DF), reaffirming that it was a clean race, something important in politics. The gratitude list was great. Rodrigo Maia cried to refer to the family, starting with father, former mayor of Rio, Cesar Maia. Then cited each of the leaders of the former opposition parties that came together to further support it in the first round, colleagues to quit the application, as Julio Delgado (PSB-MG) and the support of PR and PDT, no second round.

Also made sure to mention by name the former minister Aldo Rebelo (PCdoB), the Carlos Sampaio Members (PSDB-SP) and Orlando Silva (PCdoB-SP).

- I want to thank my good friend Aldo Rebelo, great friend, large public figure. And I also want to thank two people who believed in this process. There is 30, 40 days, They invented what seemed crazy: Carlos Sampaio and Orlando silva, my great friend - said the new chairman of the House.

Orlando Silva came to launch his candidacy for president of the House to prevent the party votes were for the PMDB Marcelo Castro (PI). He ended the speech by saying that he took three tranquilizers to get not cry and called debates session for Thursday.

In the first interviews he gave shortly after his victory, Rodrigo Maia told of the weight that the support of leftist parliamentarians had the result. He also said that his victory does not mean Eduardo Cunha defeat (PMDB-RJ), despite the cries of “fora Cunha”, after the release of results.

- Support the left we knew it would be crucial, so that our opponents wanted to invent a theory that the PT would support us to take the agenda of the House, but that was never asked - said Rodrigo Maia.

When asked about Cunha defeat, he said:

- No. No way.

Maia said that its management will help the government Temer.

- I am convinced that the government will come out of the crisis and Chamber will collaborate, is the base or opposition - said.

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