in an interview, Dilma says he will not attend the Rio 2016 in “secondary position”

She also said, the event is the result of a great work of former President Lula and a great effort from the federal government.
26/07/2016 07h09 - Updated 26/07/2016 14h53
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The away President Dilma Rousseff said yesterday (25), you do not want to participate in the events of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in a "secondary position". In an interview with Radio France Internationale, Rousseff said the event is able to smoothly occur, especially if the procedures that had been established in their management are followed, as in the health and safety within the equipment where the games will take place.

"I do not intend to participate in the Olympics in a secondary position, because it is the result of a great work of former President Lula and the great effort of the federal government, which enabled the structure of the Olympic Park and Village Deodoro ", said Dilma.

On concern about terrorist attacks during the Games, Takeaway president said that Brazil kept in touch with intelligence units of various countries in order to ward off these conflicts.

political scene

Dilma was removed from the presidency by 180 days, no dia 12 of May, after the Senate approves the admissibility of the impeachment process. At Radio France Internationale, she said that "the Brazilian political system has collapsed for various reasons", one being the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies of the day 17 April when, she said, "Corrupt MPs” uttered votes against corruption. "Hypocrisy carried to the highest degree", said, on opening voting session of impeachment in the House.

For her, disbelief of the population reaches politics in general and not only those politicians who are to be achieved, to the extent that people equate politicians who have unethical practices and corruption. "So, this activity that is fundamental to democracy becomes the subject of a disqualification process, of mischaracterization and people spend not want to know policy ", said.

there are still, second Dilma, a great misogyny outbreak in Brazil and sexist component in its departure from the Presidency of the Republic. nevertheless, for her, the women came to stay in the national political scene when the first woman president was re-elected with 54,5 million votes.


Dilma reiterated that no authorized cash payment 2 in his presidential campaign. Last week, advertising João Santana and his wife, Monica Moura, They said they received overseas payment for a campaign debt of PT in the elections 2010. according to Dilma, However, they refer to events that took place two years after the financial committee dissolved and closed the campaign.

she explains, However, the charges that led to the initiation of impeachment proceedings refer to so-called tax pedaling, the transfer of budget funds for the Harvest Plan, and additional credit decrees. according to Dilma, the Senate's own expertise showed that there is no authorship in the case of cycling and there is no guile in issue decrees.

"It's a claim, because they had no other element to accuse me and all matters relating to any investigation in Brazil have no basis to accuse me. I am being judged by a non-crime ", said, stating that recourse to the Supreme Court if approved his impeachment.

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