Ambassador of Nicaragua shows interest in strengthening trade relations with Amazon

Lorena Martínez came to the Amazon in order to strengthen bilateral relations and pave the way for business opportunities.
28/07/2016 14h51 - Updated 28/07/2016 15h54
Photo: Nathalie Brazil / Secom

The governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, She received on the morning of Thursday, day 28 July, the seat of government, Compensates neighborhood, West zone, Ambassador of Nicaragua in Brazil, Lorena Martinez. The diplomatic visit aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and pave the way for business opportunities with the Central American country that, in the last years, It has experienced an economic growth rate, average, above 4% per year.

During the meeting, which also had the participation of the Finance Secretaries, Afonso Lobo; of planning, Thomaz Nogueira and International Policy, Farid Mendonça Filho, Ambassador showed interest in the industrial center of Manaus, while the Governor Jose Melo highlighted the opportunities that may arise to the state of completion of Nicaragua Canal.

Under construction to connect the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean, the channel will expand international trade in the Americas, driven, mainly, the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Central America. According to Jose Melo, Nicaragua is a gateway to major consumer markets of the Americas and of great interest to exports of Amazonas, the example of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The governor also gave a brief explanation of the local economy and the outlook on the new economic matrix of the State, based on the sustainable use of natural resources and ordered the State Department of Planning, Development, Science, Technology and inovation (SEPLAN-CTI) the conduct of conversations and exchanges of information of common interest with the Nicaraguan embassy.

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