Businessman Lily Parisotto, Alternate Eduardo Braga, Mugs Luiza Brunet

The attack would have started in a restaurant in New York, then in the apartment he had punched and kicked the actress.
01/07/2016 09h50 - Updated 1/07/2016 15h38
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Luiza Brunet, from 54 years, He said it was assaulted and had ribs broken by fellow, businessman Lily Albino Parisotto, in New York, United States we no last day 21 of May.

The information was confirmed by a spokesperson for the actress and model early on Friday (1º). According to an advisory, Luiza landed in Rio de Janeiro on the day after the assault and, after talking to a friend, traveled to Sao Paulo, which filed a complaint with the Public Ministry (MP). She also performed a forensic examination at the Forensic Institute (IML).

The aggression suffered by Luiza was released this morning by the journalist Ancelmo Gois column, from “The globe”.

The advisory confirmed the information disclosed in the column Gois: that Lily aggression began in the restaurant where they were having dinner with friends, in New York. They left the hotel and went to his apartment, where man punched actress, followed by kicks.

A spokesperson for the actress says he dropped her on the couch and pinned up to four break her ribs. She managed to lock himself in the room and the next day went to Brazil.

Source: G1

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