DEPCA team holds couple accused of teen rape with disabilities

Mother of student, the school where the girl studies, He saw the girl's mother with open WhatsApp in chat with her boyfriend showing illicit photos of his daughter and made the complaint.
13/07/2016 05h54 - Updated 13/07/2016 14h47
Photo: Vitor Souza / Secom

The Civil Police of Amazonas, by delegated holder of Specialized Police for Protection of Children and Adolescents (depc), Juliana Tuma, He made the arrest of autonomous Rogerio Correa de Lima, from 32 years, and a woman 35 years, denounced the rape of a teenager 14 years, poor intellectual and visual, besides being the daughter of the accused.

The arrests of offenders occurred on Tuesday morning (12), in different places of the capital in compliance with the remand warrant issued on 8 July this year, by Genesino Braga Neto judge of the Special Court for Crimes Against Sexual Dignity of Children and Adolescents, represented by DEPCA.

The woman was arrested around 11 am, in a brother's home where she lived, located at the eight core, the New Town neighborhood, north of Manaus. Rogério was arrested on a public road, by volta of 11h40, in Alvorada neighborhood, midwestern town, the civil police of DEPCA. He was stopped at the time continued to internet service facility.

According to the delegate holder DEPCA, Juliana Tuma, the rapes occurred in April, the offender's home, New Town neighborhood, fourth stage of the Citizen Set, north of the capital. The mother dopava the girl remedies for infringing consume the act. It has been found carnal knowledge by the Institute of Forensic medical report (IML).

Second delegate, a student mother, the school where the girl studies, He saw the girl's mother with open WhatsApp in chat with her boyfriend showing illicit photos of her daughter and made the complaint to the teacher who brought the case to the Municipal Department of Education (semed). "Both respond by the vulnerable crime of rape and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison ", said Juliana.

Also according to the police, research began on 8 June this year. Through conversations found in the couple's cell, that has been together since the month of March, it was found that the mother offered her virginity daughter and her boyfriend called the girl illicit girl photos. The teenager was raped three times and two of them doped with drugs. in testimony, the mother said she wanted to meet her boyfriend and confessed everything, including that doped her daughter.

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