Ecam space gets exposure with fictional characters sculptures made of paper

The bonding and assembly technique in 3D is the artist's exhibition theme Chaar Almeida Filho, What happens to the day 29 July, no Ecam.
20/07/2016 17h55 - Updated 20/07/2016 17h55
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How about checking sculptures of some of the most celebrated characters of the animation and games as Son Goku, the "Dragon Ball" and the famous Mario, or classic of modern children's stories like Anna and Elsa of "Frozen", completely made of paper, glue and scissors.

Known as "papercraft", this curious technique of collage and montage in 3D is the artist's exhibition theme Chaar Almeida Filho, What happens to the day 29 July, in Environmental Citizenship Space (Ecam), located in Manauara Shopping, Park neighborhood Ten November, Central South zone of Manaus. Among the exhibited models are characters from comics and cartoons like Digimon and Dragonball, with sizes ranging from 50 centimeters to 1,80 meters.

Over 36 parts, the show happens to the Amazonas Government support, via Amazon Institute of Environmental Protection (Ipaam). "This is the second time that I get the opportunity to exhibit my art to the general public thanks to Ecam Space", Alberto says, creator of works.

Almeida Papercraft, as he likes to be called, He says he began producing models after watching tutorials on the Internet and some lead to 30 days to be produced. "The smaller ones are made faster, but some like Goku, I took about a month because of the detail ".

entirely made of paper, many of Alberto pieces are made with recycled materials. "I usually reutilizo many sheets and use some recycled, this reduces costs and also kills less the environment ", completed.

According to the Environmental Education manager Ipaam, Therezinha Melo, the initiative should encourage other artists. "The resource reuse is one of the main ideas advocated in Ecam space and tend to spread it in our shows, exhibitions and lectures ", says.

Other events will be held in August in Ecam Space, as the exhibition "Miniature Manaus", with pieces made of acrylic and MDF, designer Mario Lima and architect Silvana Coutinho, beyond mobile display made from wood waste and pallets by architect Nestor Soares.

The Office of Environmental Reeducation, which is held in place on a monthly basis, will begin on 26 and will until the day 29 this month in training and training room. The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of environmental issues, in addition to re-socialize environmental offenders, making them propagators of environmental awareness.

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